Five Effortless Ways of Making Money Online

Making money in any capacity is what many people worldwide strive for. From a young age, we are told to aim for the moon but shoot for the stars and do what we can to achieve our life goals.  

For some people, this could be having a large family, while for others, it is attaining their dream job and living a life of luxury. One thing is for sure; there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to this type of thing.  

However, while that may very well be the case for many people, plenty of driven entrepreneurs do not stop thinking about ways they can make money, even when they have attained their dream job. In fact, they continually make decisions in their life which positively contributes to this sort of thing, and we can see why!  

Through the inception of technology, the ability to make money has changed in a variety of ways. But, let’s be honest; without technology, working throughout the pandemic would have been a lot different!  

With that being said, there are various effortless ways to make money online, and that is where we come into the equation. So, whether you are sitting comfortably in your dream job and are looking for some side hustles to make some extra income or are working towards your dream role as we speak, we feel confident there is something of interest here.  

Get your notebook ready to take some notes for future reference, and read on for some inspiration!  

1. Virtual Assistant 

This is a position that has become increasingly popular over time and which many people have begun exploring due to its popularity on social media platforms such as TikTok. A virtual assistant completes tasks that would usually be done in-person but remotely; you can work a role like this from virtually anywhere, no pun intended!  

If you are a highly organized individual with excellent time management skills, then this role is ideal for you. This does not have to be a full-time position either and can be scheduled into your already busy schedule as a means of earning some extra income.  

Ensure you understand the language required by the person or persons who are hiring virtual assistants and have an understanding of any relevant programs or software needed to fulfill this role successfully. If you find these skills come easily, this is undoubtedly an effortless method for making money online and one that should be considered moving forward.  

2. Trade and Invest 

Investing money into physical and online assets is something that has also increased in popularity as of late and could well have been fueled by the pandemic. In addition, people were searching for ways to protect themselves during this period of economic uncertainty.  

Investment opportunities online – including the likes of Cryptocurrency – provided interested parties with a suitable platform and the chance to invest their funds into something that would not be affected by any sort of economic crash.  

This is an effortless way of making money online, for you would only need to keep an eye on market changes to determine whether you are making a profit or not, something that can be done in a few minutes each day!  

Furthermore, investment opportunities online also offer the chance to make interest in your investments through the likes of a defi yield platform. Provided by companies like Unagii, you will be making some extra income without lifting a finger. What more could you want?  

3. Online Tutoring 

This might seem like a suggestion that takes a bit more effort than some, and you would be correct in saying that. But, at the same time, that does not mean that it takes the same amount of effort as that of working a full-time job role. 

Online tutors are in demand. Like other aspects of the world, the education industry has transitioned to online classrooms and video conferences. It certainly has not been easy for both those teaching and those learning.  

With this new way of learning still being enforced worldwide, there may well be some students who have found they are struggling to adapt, and we can understand why. However, online tutoring will not only enable those who are at a disadvantage with a means of keeping up with their workloads but will be allowing you to earn some extra dollars each month.  

Concerning effort, online tutoring will be effortless if you choose to tutor a subject you are already familiar with. Bestowing your knowledge and understanding of something to someone else when you are already an expert in that field will make this a lot easier than it initially seems.  

The information will come to you with minimal effort. The only effort needed will be to ensure your tutee understands. Pretty straightforward, right?  

4. Writing a Blog 

While we recognize this is not something for everyone, it is still worth considering when making money online as effortless as possible. Writing a blog can appear time-consuming to outsiders; it is anything but that! 

Like tutoring online, writing a blog about a subject you are knowledgeable or have expertise in will make this process much more manageable. You won’t need to spend masses of time researching the specifics and will be able to put pen to paper – or, in this case, fingers to keys – and write directly from your mind. 

With small amounts of effort over time and promotion through social media platforms, you may attract the attention of other bloggers and organizations who are willing to pay you for your services.  

Once your blog is off the ground and generating some income, it can tick over in the background while you do your thing; you could travel abroad and still be able to manage and maintain your blog posts and content.  

While you would generate income from your blog and your writing, you may very well be given promotional materials or bonuses from those partnering with you. Often, this is done in exchange for money or services, but you get the gist of it.  

5. Social Media Management 

Social media is a significant part of our lives in this day and age. Used both personally and professionally, it undoubtedly takes a village to get it right. This is also an avenue to scope if you are looking to make some extra income online.  

Small businesses that are either already established or in the process of being so might not have the capacity or availability to spend hours monitoring their social media engagement. Yet, at the same time, creating a social media strategy and posting regularly also seems like quite the task.  

If you consider yourself a bit of a social media whizz – as we are sure many of us do – contact these businesses to offer your services for a set fee. Once more, this does not have to be a full-time position and can be completed alongside any other responsibilities you might have.  

Furthermore, a range of social media management software enables users to create and schedule posts; you don’t even have to be online for the work to be completed. So, the business would be getting increased social media engagement, and you would be earning some extra money straight into your back pocket. Not bad.  

Ella Woodward is an entrepreneur who has built a career as a freelance writer and building a business from her skill with words and understanding of the needs of corporate readers.

Five Effortless Ways of Making Money Online

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