Expert Tips for Success When Selling on Amazon

As the market shifts, so does the ‘landscape’ of Amazon. At the end of the day, it all depends on the supply and demand which is dictated by the purchasing whims of the community. Sellers nudge it only ever so slightly, and you could only be so lucky if you developed trading instincts. New strategies emerge every day, and the old ones that work tend to stick around. It is up to you to decide whether these expert tips for success when selling on Amazon work for you or not.

Don’t be afraid to invest

You have to get out of your monetary comfort zone. Kickstarting an Amazon business with a bootstrapping strategy will 99,9% lead to a dead end, and do not even consider for a second that you are that lucky 0,1%. That doesn’t happen. You have to allow yourself a necessary elbow space to order necessary inventory, pay for promotions and invest in giveaways. You also cannot run out of stock before you are within the financial capability to place a re-order.  This naturally leads us to the next expert tip…

Manage your inventory well

Seasoned Amazon merchants will tell you that running the online store business is all about inventory, inventory, and inventory. Management of your storage should be your top priority (along with several other items which we will discuss below), and Amazon actually provides the necessary tools to make matters easier. An investment into third-party inventory management tools and assets goes practically without saying. 

Build an inviting storefront

The good news about the digital realm is that the ‘real estate’ for online storefronts is technically limitless. The possibilities are wonderful and Amazon Storefront offers a plethora of options to express creative and inventive presentation of your product. This should be another top priority for you, along with managing your inventory space. Amazon Storefront is criminally underutilized as of yet, and it has the potential to increase your ROI manifold. Check it out now!

Build your brand

The storefront has to sell your product through a balanced combo of enticing imagery and the right words. It is not particularly hard these days to invest in good photos, but ‘magical’ words that sell your product have a worth that is measured in gold. Build your brand through carefully chosen buzzwords and descriptions. If you don’t know where to start, look no further than FAQ by the customers and work your way from there. You need to present yourself eloquently but not impenetrable. You are not a demagogue, so direct, declarative sentences should do the trick. They give the impression of integrity and expertise, which is something that you need to stand for.

The product description is crucial

In order to increase the visibility of your product, you need to craft the perfect product description that balances out keywords with punchy readability. Details should abound in your descriptions in order to increase the likelihood for customers to find your product through their browser search. Of course, you should aim to implement as many keywords as possible in those descriptions without sacrificing coherence. You can turn to Rockay running socks and sleeves brand for examples and browse through their blog for inspiration.

Create quality content

While we are on the topic of blogs, you should probably make an extra effort to create a website for your product and your overall niche. WordPress is a wonderful tool that gives us a lot of flexibility and possibility these days, so you can create niche-specific websites that cover topics that relate to your product – about 2000 to 4000 words long articles. It is an excellent way to introduce new customers to your product and an exciting new source of traffic. If you link your website to your Amazon listing, you can redirect all the readers to your product and increase your commissions by 10 to 15%!

Diversify your marketing tools with social media

But your website should not be the only external source of traffic. There are many tools these days to funnel new customers to your Amazon store, and some of them are completely free – namely social media. For example, you can exploit the wonderfully utilitarian function of Facebook chatbots to reach out to new customers and introduce them to your product(s). You can announce giveaways through Facebook and Twitter and create Instagram for your products. It’s all about crafting a consistent and light story around the brand.

Emails still work

Believe it or not, email still works. This apparently ‘outdated’ marketing method is still as rock-solid as it ever was, so after building your presence on social media platforms, you should definitely start collecting those emails. The only difference in modus operandi as of 2019, is that it should be a ‘better packaged’ email. What do we mean by this? You should send a minimally designed ‘postcard’ that will capture the attention of the receiver and enclose a coupon for your Amazon store, along with a thank you note.


The greatest achievement in trading is to stand out among the competition. The strategies above should give you a good jumping-off point for selling on Amazon, but it will by no means etch your success in stone with gilded letters. You are probably well aware of this. Nothing beats good instincts of a merchant, and the pairing of instincts with sound strategies is a killer combination!

Expert Tips for Success When Selling on Amazon

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