Entrepreneur Self-Assessment: 9 Professional Tools and Tests

Entrepreneurship can be a tough road to be on, that is for sure. At times, every successful person with their own business asks themselves if they are doing the right thing. There are a variety of entrepreneur assessment tests they can do to evaluate themselves. This test will assist them in identifying their strengths and weaknesses and hiring worthy employees.

How do these tests help me?

For those of you launching your businesses, this entrepreneur assessment test helps in the following ways:

  • You will learn more about your working style and what you need to change.
  • Your teams will be able to learn about what motivates you.
  • You will recognize toxic patterns and when you need help.
  • Seek help along the way when necessary.

Although there are many tests, we will cover the top 9 tests for you to take.

  1. The entrepreneur equation

The entrepreneur equation test book is a blend of exercises and assessments to help you identify your business personality. It allows entrepreneurs to assess their mindset, timing, and how they view opportunities. However, there is an online version of the test available for you.

The creators of this test believe that while personality plays a significant role in defining your success, it depends on timing. A self-assessment test such as this one can help individuals understand their strengths and weaknesses and where they need to improve.

  1. The Myers-Briggs type indicator

Around 1.5 million people take the Myers-Briggs type indicator test every year. Hence, it is very well known. MBTI works by noting down how you perceive information, make decisions and act on it. This test consists of 93 questions that can assist budding entrepreneurs in gaining an edge over their competitors. Visiting a professional to take the MBTI test is a good idea to succeed as an entrepreneur.

  1. Wealth Dynamics personality test

Wealth Dynamics is one of the top personality tests available for budding and experienced entrepreneurs. This test helps you identify your career path from the eight different wealth profiles available. These eight profiles are trader, accumulator, lord, mechanic, creator, star, supporter, and deal maker.

Individuals who take this test will understand which career path to choose, where to invest, etc. They will also receive clarity and be able to understand their clients better. Currently, over 500,000 entrepreneurs have signed up with Wealth Dynamics!

  1. Prevue HR systems

This test measures an employee’s motivation, personality, and interests. Major organizations use this test regularly to find new employees. Incorporating an assessment test into the hiring process can help you hire better employees for your company.

  1. Team-ability

The Team-ability self-assessment test focuses on team spirit between two or more people. It measures how people work and collaborate, how they clear obstacles, and how they can improve. With the Team-ability test, entrepreneurs can gain perspective on their preferred working styles and what gives them satisfaction at work. This test also helps managers by giving them relevant information, which allows them to dish out job responsibilities appropriately.

  1. Professional Dynametric Programs

Professionals use this self-assessment tool to teach skills such as leadership in entrepreneurs. It gives the individuals a detailed report about who they are and what path they can choose to succeed as entrepreneurs.

  1. The FourSight Thinking Profile

This profile evaluates the problem-solving skills of entrepreneurs. Individuals can use this test to guide themselves on the right path to achieve the most from their careers.

  1. Smart Work Assessments’ Self-Employment Profile

Smart Work assessments self-employment profile allows individuals to incorporate a business mindset with their characteristics. These characteristics include the need for a structure, learning capabilities, managing prospects, and handling rejection. It can help budding entrepreneurs identify if they should own a stand-alone business or operate in a franchise.

  1. The PAVF Assessment

This self-assessment tool is a customized personality test that can describe how individuals are wired to the dot. It helps individuals understand that this test is not just about their personality, but instead, how their personality is around their team.

Utilize these assessment tools to get a clear view of whether an individual can be an entrepreneur. Learn to assess these indicators that would help gauge the attributes and qualities that can help individuals stand out from the rest.

Chadani is the Sr. Content Marketing Specialist at Wealth Dynamics, the world’s leading personality test tool for entrepreneurs, headquartered in Singapore and has clients in over 200 cities worldwide.

Entrepreneur Self-Assessment: 9 Professional Tools and Tests

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