Enough of this… time to make a plan.

OK so the PPP loans ran out before anyone I know could get their money. This is terrifying. Right? And I am sick of sitting on my coach all day working. I need to move around more.

I have survived and thrived through several decades of incredible ups and downs. I have been a business owner for 38 years. My first business was ‘transformed’ through 9-11 painfully but survived. Hey that was 20 years ago. This one is worse.

I have employed hundreds and know what it means to ‘have their life and their familes’ on your line. The weight and responsibility of taking care of others- your work family- is real. The pressure when you have to make it happen is great. The thought that our government would run out of money before anyone I know got any?? Really? That’s not right.

To break those bonds is a crime. And we can’t take it lying down. Fall down 7 get up 8. You have to try your hardest to stand up right now.

What are you going to do? Will your business survive? Do you know what TO DO strategically with your money? Cause right now figuring out the money has to come first with a strategy to use it to survive.

Sana Sells can help- me that is. It’s founder if you want help figuring this out.

I have helped people restructure debt, build new financial models, negotiate haircuts, capture bigger discounts- whatever you need to do to be more secure so you can survive. For some reason I have a creative mind. I seem to think of ways to do things others sometimes don’t. So if you need help, email me. (LisaATSanaSells.com)

But here is my reality. Today we have 6 employees in the US and 73 globally. And while we are getting a PPP loan most of them are not covered.

Bottom line for us all:

It’s time to clean up your house. Time to refine-organize-monetize- improve- expand-change. Now is the time to make plans to fill in your gaps to make your process work better. And to do that you need to get your finances organized.

I personally feel the weight and privilege of having mouthes to feed. The Mom’s who work for us come from families who have made real sacrifices. It was a family decision- as it really is anywhere in the world- for either a man or a woman to accept a job. Our Mom’s had to learn American standards of startup work– it is indeed a high bar. Teaching a group of ladies from culturally very different ways of life to be able to pivot and jump on a dime- like American startups need them to- has taken a village of support and nurturing to get it to gel. And we have jello now. 🙂

But building culture is costly. It takes the most precious resource of all. Time. Your time. Your staffs time. Team time.

If you want customers forever they have to trust you. And trust only comes with being really willing and able to help someone out the way they need you to. It doesn’t mean you can’t teach them something but they have to buy in. Clients can tell if you really want to help them and that requires a nurturing culture to produce that demonstrable desire to help. So when our clients need us, it happens on the timeline they need, not ours.

I am so proud of my Mom’s. It takes a lot of creativity to search well. They have to collaborate and help each other find resources and use tools. And PPP doesn’t cover them because they are not American Citizens. We all have a challenge right now to solve. We need to help each other right now.

AND whatever this is.. it has been enough. I think we all need to take our anxiety and tension and view of reality and use it to our advantage. And that starts with sorting through your finances and getting creative to make this work out for you and your business. (And like I said before. If I can help you out, email me.)

To your highest purpose and best self, (now is the time to let that all hang out. You got this. somehow. happy to help if you want. ping me on Linkedin.)

Lisa Canning Linkedin

Enough of this… time to make a plan.

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