Embracing Entrepreneurship Across Disciplines


I am proud to be a contributor, with my good friend and colleague Joyce Thomas, to a new book titled: Embracing Entrepreneurship Across Disciplines. Published by Elgar, Edited by Satish Nambisan, this book is full of unique ideas, insights and themes across diverse discipline. From engineering, science and medicine to arts, design, and music you will learn how each has the potential to enrich and deepen your understanding of entrepreneurship.

This book brings together contributions from an eclectic set of entrepreneurship scholars and educators from different fields to advance cross-disciplinary entrepreneurial thinking and is a worthy read. Below is an outline of the chapters and a link to buy the book.

Chapter 1: Entrepreneurship perspectives: an introduction ~ Satish Nambisan

PART I: Engineering, science, and technology entrepreneurship

Chapter 2: Engineering entrepreneurship: developing an entrepreneurial mindset~ Doug Melton

Chapter 3: Challenges in faculty entrepreneurship in the sciences: becoming an entrepreneur but staying at the university ~Robert W. Brown

Chapter 4: Physics entrepreneurship: an evolution from technology push to market pull~ Orville R. Butler and R. Joseph Anderson

PART II: Healthcare and bioscience entrepreneurship

Chapter 5: Bioentrepreneurship: opportunities and challenges ~Arlen Meyers

Chapter 6: Healthcare entrepreneurship: the changing landscape ~Cam Patterson and Andrew Kant

PART III: Arts, music, and design entrepreneurship

Chapter 7: The entrepreneurial musician: the Tao of DIY ~Angela Myles Beeching

Chapter 8: Educating arts entrepreneurs: does, can or should one size fit all? ~Gary D. Beckman and James D. Hart

Chapter 9: The value of creativity: implications for industrial design and design entrepreneurship~ Joyce Thomas and Lisa Canning

Part IV: Bridging the disciplinary perspectives

Chapter 10: Towards a cross-disciplinary understanding of entrepreneurship~ Satish Nambisan

If you are interested in purchasing the book, here is the link.


To learn more about me, go to LisaCanning.com


Embracing Entrepreneurship Across Disciplines

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