eLearning Webinar Marketing Guide: Basics That You Must Keep In Mind

So, buckle up, here we go. Webinars are one of the most effective and wide-reaching marketing gimmicks on the world wide web.

And when it’s for a niche business such as eLearning, they can perform even better as the audience can be highly targeted.

This article reveals all the crucial webinar marketing basics that matter for eLearning businesses and can help them achieve their marketing goals.

1st Phase: Webinar Creation

We all know how overstretched, and extremely short webinars can be a recipe for failure. You wouldn’t want that. Don’t worry. Here’s how you can master the art of creating elearning webinars that convert.

  • Appoint a smart team: One of the biggest mistakes that new marketers make with webinars is going completely solo. Yes, the idea of 100% independence is elating. But it may not always take you to your goals.

    A smart team for helping you design and develop your webinar is super crucial. So, get one on board.
  • Choose the right topic: You may be about to create the most engaging and informative content piece on the planet, but if you don’t select the right topic, it will likely go unnoticed.

    It’s simple. Your content piece’s topic helps users decide whether they want to go through your webinar or not.
  • Pick a format: Choose from the following four webinar formats:

    1. Single speaker webinars
    2. Interview type webinars
    3. Moderator panel discussions
    4. Q&A Webinars

2nd Phase: Marketing Your Webinar

Once your webinar is ready, it’s time to distribute dates for the big event, so that as many prospects as possible will attend it. In this section, we will discuss how.

  • Use Push Notifications and Pop Up Banners: Believe it or not, these are two of the hottest marketing techniques in the eLearning niche.

    From high response rates to a great ROI, these deliver it all. So, count them in.
  • Be Active in Social Media Groups: Joining eLearning groups on Facebook is another smart way for marketing your eLearning webinar. Basically, if it comes off as useful, people will respond.
  • Don’t neglect SEO: Yes, many times marketers prioritize paid marketing means over SEO, but that’s mostly a mistake.

    SEO is one channel that you can’t neglect if qualified webinar leads is a priority for you.
  • Know the importance of last chance emails: One of the best techniques for instantly boosting registrations towards the arrival of your webinar’s date— creating FOMO using last chance emails.

    Use them and you’ll see how the numbers go up.

3rd Phase: Delivery and Post Delivery

So, now it’s time to deliver your webinar and follow up. Let’s see how to do it optimally.

  • Eliminate technical faults: Even if you spent a great deal of time putting your all into creating an amazing webinar, a technical glitch can easily bury your efforts. Make sure your webinar is safe from such issues.
  • Start with an introduction: No matter what, your webinar should always start with an introduction to you and your co-hosts.
  • Be enthused: Yes, we can’t synthetically infuse you with enthusiasm. However, considering your passion for your business, your energy should clearly show in the webinar. (But don’t come off as too hyper. That can backfire.)
  • Pay attention to questions and concerns: It’s not a close-ended video tutorial. It’s your webinar where you are expected to listen to and respond to your audience’s questions. It’s important to remember that.
  • Always follow up: You may have given your best to entertain, inform and impress your webinar’s attendees and still may not be able to get them to move further along in your sales funnel.

    One reason can be a lack of follow up. Following up is always important for a webinar campaign. Make sure you don’t miss out. 

Final words

Webinars can be super effective for marketing your eLearning business, but only when you do them right. Give careful thought to the guidelines above; you will find them helpful considerations in presenting the best webinar you can.

Hopefully, this was helpful.

Costa Lamprou is the head of PPC at The Elearning Industry Network. With experience from everything ranging from product development and sales to training and PPC, Costa helps eLearning businesses reach their full lead gen potential. When he isn’t helping clients succeed, Costa likes to expand his marketing horizons with the help of eLearning courses.

eLearning Webinar Marketing Guide: Basics That You Must Keep In Mind

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