Customers Pay for All Your Sins and Growth OR What’s Your Pre-Campaign Crowdfunding Strategy?

More customers. Have you ever heard a small business owner say they surely could not use a few more?

Worse case, the more customers who pay you, the easier it is to bury your mis-steps and business mistakes. Best case, they can also can be the source of finding the resources you need to grow your business. In other words, they can become your investors too.

When you are looking for capital to grow your business, I cannot think of a better place to turn than to your customers who you have already demonstrated you are capable and careful with their financial resources, right?

However, if you have not planted the seeds in your customers minds, that they can support you in a variety of different roles, that idea might be very foreign to them and require some education and time to soak in.  And it also might mean they have to feel a little more socially connected to you too. Who does not like loaning money to a friend, true?

In my opinion, The #1 Thing small business owner Crowdfunding Campaigners fail to realize, is that they need a pre-campaign strategy they have fully executed before Day 1 of their campaign. Long before in fact is even better.

A significant part of that pre-campaign strategy for raising money online is the digital media social building and education engagement you need.  To get their buy in, endorsements and financial support, it can take years to find enough of the customers and investors you need to achieve your goals.

That’s why so many crowdfunding campaigns fail. You assume the portal who approved you will get you the funding. You think if you fill out all the paperwork and pay the attorney to file everything properly, somehow that makes the money come pouring in. After your down 15K, its not a great time to realize that, now is it? Or after your offering goes live either, right?

The time to launch your pre-campaign strategy has to begin with an honest assessment that raising money online for your projects is a long term strategy for achieving your business goals.  If this is true, the place to begin is to find more ‘customer/potential investors’ online and build up your audience so that when the moment comes you ARE ready to fund raise. It’s time consuming, its true.

If your almost to the finish line of being able to achieve this, after a careful inventory of who you think you can count on to invest, Crowdfund Capital research supports it will take you 99 days of digital networking. If your far from it, you could be looking at 12-18 months to align a network to your goals.

Digital Marketing is time consuming too right. And its super expensive to hire it out typically too. ($500-$2500 a month is common to work 3-6 social channels alone.)  Who has that kind of money or time?

There is no time like the present to find your business social. That comfortable place where you are seen, liked and known among your most trusted and aligned audience of customers, peers, and potential investors too.

Through Sana’s Kitchen, the social hub of IAEOU, we help small businesses find their business social to grow relationships online. Here is how we work:

  • You hire a lady through our training program with Sana’s Kitchen.
  • We screen and train a lady for you from Pakistan.
  • She becomes your dedicated digital marketing specialist.
  • We help you shape a digital marketing plan so that she can helps your small business grow your customer and investor base so that you are ready to fund raise when your moment has arrived.
  • All for a yummy small price.

No time like the present to find your business social. No more affordable way to do it than through our training program and packages either. And we guarantee our work 100%. If you are not completely happy with the support you receive we will refund you. No tricks. No gimmicks. Just old fashion cooking. We serve something tasty up to help your business succeed.

To your highest purpose and best self friends. 

To learn more about me go to, Lisa’s Clarinet Shop, Royal Musical Instruments or
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Customers Pay for All Your Sins and Growth OR What’s Your Pre-Campaign Crowdfunding Strategy?

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