Creating Harmony: The new game to learn how to play in the creative economy.

Harmony is not about what’s lasting or permanent. It’s about individual voices coming together for a moment. And that moment lasts the length of a breath. That’s what I think about my time here.  ~Francis Underwood, House of Cards

Harmony is a valuable resource that cannot be overlooked in the 21st century creative economy. The speed of change is based on the speed of trust and trust requires harmony.

Harmony is achieved when people help each other when one or the other truly needs it; and not just when it’s convenient or because there is a trade of services expected or contractually required. This requires ‘individual voices coming together for a moment’ fluidly. This is when magical things happen and people grow closer, trust more, and feel more harmonious- in synch- with each other; which is the fertile ground needed in our new competitive landscape to produce innovations, progress and results.

In the past, leaders owned their competitive advantage solely by controlling people, resources, and money. Today, value is created by trust-based networks that accelerate innovation, entrepreneurship, and creativity. Those networks require an ecosystem with a new set of rules that operate more like a rainforest: a fertile environment that fosters the cycle of invention and reinvention and builds trust and harmony within it.

And while collaboration is the new buzz word, right up there with the word innovation, it’s a lot harder to create a collaborative environment then I think any one of us imagined. And yet, according to Victor Hwang & Greg Horowitt, authors of The RainforestThe Secret to Building the Next Silicon Valley, harmonious ecosystems are not accidents; they can be designed and built. That’s why they have created the Rainforest Architects Program which trains leaders on how to spur innovation across large populations and build those large trusted shared resources that can come together as they need to, as one voice, to achieve, share and compete collaboratively.

As a graduate of the Rainforest Architects Program myself, gaining access to the latest tools, thought leaders, and peer networks can help anyone trying to build a sustainable environment- a robust ecosystems- for any reason.  Educators, entrepreneurs, middle managers, government officials and artists alike will find this program well worth your investment of time and money.

We all must learn the new game to grow new ideas and get them into the world, and to compete and thrive with harmony in this new ever shifting landscape. The Rainforest Architects Program can teach you that game.

To learn more about the Rainforest Architects Program click here.

To apply to the Rainforest Architects Program click here.


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Creating Harmony: The new game to learn how to play in the creative economy.

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