Threats of Coronavirus to Businesses and Workers

By now, everyone is familiar with the relatively new virus outbreak called Coronavirus od COVID-19. As it started in China, nobody believed that it will spread across the globe with incredible speed. In less than a few months since the outbreak started, most countries in the world had at least one infected person. As the virus spreads, logically most people worry about their health. All the resources are redirected to healthcare and medical workers. But what about workers from other fields that aren’t directly affected by the whole situation?

Let’s face it, not everyone can afford to stay home during this tough time. Many people are forced to work regular hours without proper protection form the virus. Even though self-isolation and social distancing are recommended, some individuals simply can’t practice them because they can’t survive without an income. So, how does the coronavirus affect businesses and workers? Is there anything we can do about it?

1. Loss of trades

One of the biggest worries for the global economy is a recession. No matter how big or small your country is, and no matter what’s your business about, you’re very lucky if you don’t feel the effects of this pandemic. Due to the outbreak, people are closing down their restaurants, shops, small businesses and many more, which causes global recession. Even large companies such as factories have stopped working during this tough time. All this commotion is leading to drastic losses. 

Why is this happening? To prevent the virus from further spreading, people need to self isolate themselves and their families to stay healthy. As the governments ban gatherings, people are rarely leaving their houses, which directly means no customers at boutiques, no restaurant or café guests, no visitors in museums and no income for those facilities. In some cases, there is nothing much we can do but wait for this situation to settle and everything to go back to normal. 

2. Health risk 

Honestly, everyone is at risk of catching Coronavirus. We all need to be awfully careful, which roughly means washing our hands frequently and staying away from other people. This can be done easily if we’re in quarantine. However, not everyone can afford to stay home from work. This excludes medical workers and similar fields, of course, as they are the backbone of this situation. But what about shop keepers, truck drivers, delivery services who are at direct contact with other people all the time?

Even though health risks aren’t directly correlated to money loss, they have strong impacts on the workers. Being in contact with various people puts them at risk of getting infected. Wearing little to no protection is especially dangerous if they have immunodeficiency. If these workers get sick, the employer doesn’t only lose the employee for that job, he also loses money on paid sick leaves. That’s a lose-lose situation for both, worker and the employer. Besides that, taking care of your employees’ mental health is advisable. Pandemic usually causes panic and anxiety, so make sure your workers are doing fine physically and mentally. The least you can do is provide your workers with adequate protection. Respirator face masks, gloves, and disinfectants are the essentials if you want to keep your business running and your employees healthy.

3. Lack of connection between the countries

When the COVID-19 outbreak was first detected, many countries closed their borders for tourists from all around the world. Now, as the situation keeps getting worse and worse, countries are starting to shut down borders for civilians, allowing only food and supplies transports. However, not many truck drivers are willing to risk their health and lose precious time while waiting for days on the borders. They need to pass a wide range of different check-ups to be allowed to enter certain countries, only to be told to stay in quarantine for 14 days when they get back home. That’s why import and export of goods have partly stopped functioning causing great losses for many business owners.  

Luckily, there are other ways you can import/ export certain supplies and goods, avoiding crowds at the road customs. Companies like General Carrying can safely and efficiently distribute your goods all around the world by sea or by air. Besides that, they offer a large number of storing options, ensuring your goods are secured. Additionally, they provide you with a peace of mind knowing your business is not going to fail during this tough time.

4. Work from home costs

Coronavirus doesn’t only affect workers and employers that need to physically be at their workplace. When governments introduced restrictions, many employers decided to switch to remote work. This doesn’t only mean sending your employees home and giving them tasks to do online, while they are enjoying their new time off. Remote work also includes necessary equipment for their jobs. So, that’s the additional cost for the firm. 

Providing your employees with computers, machines and tools if necessary is expensive, but a way better solution than shutting down your business completely. This proves that no matter how hard the situation for your business and the global economy is, you can find ways to go through any tough time in business. There is hope for everyone, including the economy. 


While we’re struggling to stay healthy, it’s really hard to think about the economy and business. But no matter what’s going on in the world, we need to work to survive. This coronavirus has already had many negative effects on the economy and businesses all around the world, causing major losses for large and small business owners. Even though the situation may seem dark now, there is the light at the end of a tunnel for everyone.

Threats of Coronavirus to Businesses and Workers

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