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Another of your music managers responsibilities is to meet with the various departments at the record label, for radio promotion, new media, licensing, press, sales, and marketing, to make sure that everyone is acting in concert in preparation for an album release. Manager Andy gold ads," The music managers must keep the entire record label talking. Believe it or not the people at the labels don’t always talk to each other".
Your music managers put together a marketing plan tries to sell the label and A&R rep on making you a top priority. A marketing plan may include ideas for when you CD should be made available for sale in stores and on the Internet, how retail buyers can get excited about ordering the album, what quantity of records should be shipped to each retailers, how the record is going to be priced (either at full price or added the developing artist price), and what advertising will be put in place to generate sales.
A marketing plan may also tactfully suggests what the first radio single and format could be, how far in advance of the record release date the single should be "serviced" to radio, what avenues might be explored to promote the single, (independent radio promoters advertise men’s in trade magazines like Hits and Radio and Records), and where a promotional video for the single should be filmed.
A Music managers might also indicate in a marketing plan, how the new media department might create hype online through contests and product alliances, how the licensing to put licensing department might opt in to exploit TV shows and video games, what magazines and newspapers the press department should send advance copies of your music review and stories, and what the international departments at the record label might consider the release of your record in foreign territories and went.
Last, your manager might underline in the marketing plan strategies regarding what he or she things is the best time for you to begin touring in support of your album. Attorney Jeffrey light suggest get the band touring three or four months before it record comes out. The buzz will start landing and building, and by the time the stick single starts generating or getting some love on the radio, they’ll be something for people to connect to. If they buy the record boom, there’s a fire. It’s also advise that once it has been decided when a band is to going to tour, the music managers are to inform the record label of all the bands time dates so that the proper departments can push the band singles in those key territories.

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