Business Valuation Methods Every Entrepreneur Should Know

Every one of us wants to run our business successfully but most of us even don’t know the worth of our business. The most common mistake that many entrepreneurs do is that they think that their business worth won’t matter until they don’t want to sell it anytime soon. Getting familiar with your business worth is very important for entrepreneurs because you even can’t attract investors until you won’t know your business value. Consulting with an accredited business valuator would definitely help you out in getting familiar with your business’s worth in the market. 

Long story short, we’ll go through the main three methods of business valuation that every entrepreneur must know. Every business might have different scenarios when it comes to valuation. So, what are we waiting for? Let’s go down to start discussing business evaluation methods.  

3 Business Valuation Methods 

No matter you run a startup or a well-established business, you must know it’s value. The overall purpose of doing business valuation is to measure your business value. Here are the following three business evaluation methods you need to know.

  • Asset-Based Valuation
  • Market Value
  • Return On Investment (ROI)

1- Asset-Based Valuation

As the name of the method is telling itself, this method of evaluating your business based on its assets less all liabilities. This specific method of evaluating a business is ideal for those who are not planning to sell their business in the near future. Business valuators will consider your business equity to determine the actual worth of your business based on assets. 

2- Market Value

This approach of evaluating a business includes the deep research of businesses sold in your area including its price and other details. In order to work efficiently on this method, it is important for you to provide all sales data and other information to business valuators. Basically, this method compares your business with other businesses in your area to determine the exact market value of your business.

3- Return On Investment

The fact thing is that everyone wants to earn big when investing big. Every investor would have concerns about when he will start earning after investing in your business. In simple words, if anyone is interested to buy 25% shares of your company for $25,000 then it means business valuation is 100%. 

When we talk about ROI business valuation strategy, you would have to explain all things to the investors like when will they start earning from the investment they made into your business? What type of profit and other benefits they will get from investing in your business? So, it’s all about convincing an investor or buyer based on the data and the profit-loss condition of your business. There are many professional valuators like Stonebridge business evaluators and many others providing valuation services but the working approach of almost all is the same. They go through some deep analysis approaches to find the precise value of your business. 


As an overall summary, we are in the position to say that business valuation is very important for all entrepreneurs. Going through business evaluation will let entrepreneurs find out the exact value of their business which helps in dealing with investors and other official matters. We’ve discussed three major methods of business valuation to know the working of each method. So, either you are planning to sell a business, attract investors, or not, the business valuation is beneficial for you in all cases. 

Muhammad Talha Iqbal is a content writer working in different niches. Talha loves to write on new trends in the field of business, technology, automobile, and many others. 

Business Valuation Methods Every Entrepreneur Should Know

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