Business Litigation Lawsuits: Common Causes of Action

Business litigation deals with disputes involving people and businesses, and they are governed by a different set of laws than personal legal disputes. Business litigation lawsuits are defined as commercial law that governs both the conduct and rights of people and companies engaged in business, commerce, trade, and sales. Business litigation is usually a subset of civil law and is considering a separate branch of civil law.

Business Litigation is Usually Civil

Litigation that deals with business is usually considered a civil matter and cannot be brought through a criminal case, or any other avenue of dispute resolution. It is important to understand the differences between civil and criminal law when attempting to bring a lawsuit against a company or individual that you believe is liable for a business issue. When attempting to bring a case in a civil court, the plaintiff must prove that the defendant is responsible for the alleged harm or damages.

Litigating Civil Laws

When litigating civil laws, the plaintiff must first prove negligence on the part of the defendant. If they can show that the defendant was at least partially responsible for the situation, they might be able to win a lawsuit. The plaintiff may also be able to receive monetary damages if they can prove the defendant’s negligence caused an injury. If the plaintiff cannot prove that the defendant was at fault, they will be unsuccessful in bringing a claim against them.

There are some types of damages in corporate law, which include breach of warranty, breach of contract, breach of warranty, fraud, strict liability, slander, and false advertising. These are considered civil and not a matter of negligence or necessarily related to the conduct of the corporation. If a person or company has a complaint against a corporation, they should bring a civil claim, not a suit. Civil suits are brought by individuals or businesses, rather than corporations.

If a person or company has a complaint against a corporation, they can bring a personal injury claim and show proof of the negligence of the corporation’s employees.

Hiring a lawyer who specializes in business litigation can be extremely helpful in dealing with these types of cases as there are so many complex elements that come into play. The amount of documentation needed and the level of detail are all factors that make these cases difficult to bring.

Final Thoughts About Business Litigation

When these issues arise, most business owners will need to hire a professional attorney to assist with these legal matters. Typically, a business litigation attorney will evaluate, handle, and resolve these issues before federal and state courts.

Typically, this type of business litigation can mean dealing with issues between two companies or between new and old partners within the same organization. This type of litigation is not involved in disputes between a consumer or client and a company, though a reputable and well-rounded attorney practice can easily handle that aspect of business law as well.

As a business owner, you know that your success highly depends on the business relationships you maintain. Dealing with ugly disputes or contract issues can tarnish the quality reputation you have built for your company, and result in significant losses. This is why being prepared and understanding these legal matters is so important.

Your business lawyer Orlando can be very helpful in protecting your interests. Reach out today for a free consultation.

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Business Litigation Lawsuits: Common Causes of Action

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