Building Trust in Your Team: Tactics that Grow a Group Mindset

With the effects of the global pandemic have come millions of new remote workers using their personal office as a place for day-to-day operations and collaborating with colleagues. Each month we see evolving aspects of the work from home experience, utilized from a sales manager to a criminal appeals lawyer Philadelphia. New information seems to come out daily.

Technology can indeed aid us in the modern work experience. But for any team leader, in the end, it comes down to strategy. How we look at our environment and how we analyze our approach is everything regarding a man or woman who is guiding the way for a successful company. It’s even more essential these days when work collaboration apps and video conferencing are the communication tools used daily.

With that, here are a few tactics that you can utilize along with your work community so that your core group of staff grows their cooperation mechanics, no matter which location they’re working from.

A Winning Workspace

If you’re working from home, then a personal office is more essential than ever before. As a team leader, you’ll want to ensure that your workspace is a quiet one with as few external interruptions as possible. Of course, we can’t control when a baby needs feeding or a pet needs to be walked outdoors. But doing your best to maintain a clean, less noisy work at the home environment of your own is the first step to building a better team. Strong leadership, of course, starts with the self.

With that, ensure that each member of your company team has a workspace appropriate for their day-to-day conditions. Asking your current employees how their work from home experience is going shows your compassion and is the first initiative towards building a trustworthy team.

One-to-one communication, especially in today’s environment of less social interaction, is a welcome addition to any corporate community. If you’re an effective leader, your working community already knows what your company’s objectives are. Now it’s time to analyze your brand’s remote communication, and that starts from the personal home office.

If you hear about a work-from-home problem, giving advice such as which home arrangements or other functionality adjustments have improved your home office experience may also help with their remote working productivity.

A study found that background noise and distractions were in the top three as reasons for remote working issues, along with internet disconnections. Implementing this within the onboarding process for new employees is just as important, as it will help them realize that you’re a company leader who cares about their work from home mindset.

The Strength of Video

If we’re talking about the work from home experience, then video communication is an essential framework of day-to-day efficiency. It’s how remote work employees engage in remote work communication–and it’s how you, in building a trustworthy team, will be able to properly converse with each member of your group so you can get necessary work finished with cooperation and proficiency.

You can take some additional steps to ensure that each member of your working team is ready for videoconferencing. You can utilize extra technical tips with a web conference app like Zoom, such as shortcuts and a touch-up of your screen appearance, that add some digital ease to your videoconferencing. Sharing these with your team can help facilitate their remote working and aid in their efforts.

Also, make sure that your team members know the following basics for their daily group video conversations. These tips include:

  • Testing your web connection before the first call
  • Being engaged in the call, not distracted
  • Maintaining a professional appearance
  • Muting your side of the call when you’re off the mic
  • If in screen share, hiding your sensitive or private info

As crucial as video conferencing is to everyday company communication, you’ll want to ensure that these strategies are utilized. They’ll make efforts like task planning and campaign tracking rapidly easier and lessen the possibility of conversational issues between team members. Additionally, they’ll demonstrate your effectiveness as a communications expert.

Creating With the Times

As an effective team leader, perhaps you’ve made the recent switch to allow for a work from home format for an indefinite period. You wouldn’t be alone. A December study revealed that almost 42 percent of the American workforce was working fully remote within their respective companies. More interestingly, about 36 million Americans are predicted to be working from home by 2025. This number would be an 87 percent increase in the number of remote workers before the beginning of the pandemic. This time of ours is a developing period indeed.

So what does this tell us? Well, for one, the work from home dynamic is here to stay on some scheduling level. But that doesn’t mean that every communication with your employees needs to be scheduling a task, or checking on productivity. With new times come new ways that a group leader can create and enable shareability, especially with a spirited team that might need a boost every once in a while.

Having a group chat page where your team can remotely converse here and there during the workday adds a bit of fun to the daily proceedings. Scheduling a brainstorming or–if you feel like it–a monthly talent show is an even better way to liven up the mood and show that your company is more than just four corporate walls.

In being a content creator, you’ll communicate to your team that you’re an optimistic head that they can trust. You’ll show them that you’re guiding your company–and each of them–on a brightening path.

Building a group with a dedicated team spirit isn’t easy. If it were a simple task, then more would be in the leadership position. Taking on this role during this strenuous time is a mission that requires diligence and effort. In building core group dynamics, you’re developing essential skills within yourself and your team members that will reward you and your company for years to come.

About the Author

Veronica Baxter is a writer, blogger, and legal assistant located near Philadelphia.  She works frequently for Todd Mosser Esq., a busy criminal appeals lawyer in Philadelphia, PA. The daughter of military parents, Veronica lived all over the world as a child growing up and collected experiences and friends throughout her travels.

Building Trust in Your Team: Tactics that Grow a Group Mindset

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