Building a scalable business requires building a diverse team.

If you want to build a scalable business, you won’t be doing it alone. A diverse team that works well together is critical. Finding a set of human beings you can work with on a daily basis, with a diverse set of thinking skills, who fit into all the various roles you need in your business is not just  ‘nice to have’  but key to your success. Great ideas with burning opportunities are everywhere in search of a dream team.

Team Chemistry is Key

Finding the right people where together your chemistry produces something greater than the sum of the parts,  is really tough thing to create and figure out . A lot tougher than your idea even if its attached to a pile of contracts for your services. Your team is everything. Its the heartbeat of your business.  And without a heartbeat your customers will quickly be able to tell you don’t have a functioning business.

Everyone you choose for your team needs to be a giant in their abilities and thinking. And like a unique collection of animals in a zoo, each one developed their unique star qualities because they were willing to wander off and focus on some aspect of your business in an extreme way for an extended period of time to build extreme skills at it. genius in a

But diverse teams often struggle to communicate for the same reason they are so valuable working together. Everyone thinks in a different way and because they do its super easy to have a dream team fall apart because of a lack of communication. As such, diverse teams need to be disciplined in their approach to communicating.

Meet Regularly with Your Team

You can keep meetings short but you need  to set up ground rules for how to work together, how each member can work independently but also cohesively on behalf of the team.  Developing a partnership agreement is critical to clearly defining expectations. Chip  away at it and keep it alive in your conversations, keep it on your agenda until its finished. Partnership agreements developed over time clarify relationships, build clear communication and will help define how each team member can work with others on the team.  It also clearly sets up financial expectations as well as protects everyone involved ultimately for their commitments of time and effort.

It’s Going to Take Time

When you start looking for your dream team expect to rotate through at least a few different personalities until you find the right fit. Unfortunately it is time consuming and yet teams who create new products or technologies or iterating existing ones need tension to produce breakthroughs, and tension comes from diverse points of view.

Diverse teams come together because they are savvy enough to know that diverse teams who can learn how to work with the tension they create because of their diversity are far more likely to masterfully build a working pulse- a heartbeat- together that customers will feel and which will draw more of them to you.  simply win a lot business a lot more often.


Diverse teams learn how to use their different talents, communication styles, technical and soft skills as strategic advantages for the benefit of the team to win lots more happily paying customers, investors and opportunities.

The Basics of Building a Diverse Team

When it comes to building a diverse team, everyone you choose will come with leadership strengths. and there will be naturally some ‘jockying’ for position, pecking order, and authority- even if your the founder. Your job is to empower your team to grow closer, increase trust between all members and create a state of flow between you in your working relationships.

As the founder in search of a dream team here are some things to remember:

  • Let the best leader lead whatever it is they are motivated to lead.
  • Let the best process person create one for everything and everyone they want to make process for.
  • Let the best accountant do the math.
  • Let the best networker or salespeople bring customers to the table.

Do your best to not predetermine, based on thinking skills and backgrounds of your team, who should do what. While in some cases its really obvious because of specific skills, when it comes to soft skills and management those on your team may possess talents or abilities that you did not expect. Your job as the founder is to realize and leverage all of them and to help motivate your team to grow closer together to overcome your interpersonal communication challenges.

Comparing yourself to your team members is like wondering why a fish cannot climb a tree. Instead seek from your team members that which you struggle to do, and begin to weave together the fabric of how dynamic teams become one and learn how to breath life into an idea together.

To your highest purpose and best self friends. 

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Building a scalable business requires building a diverse team.

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