Benefits of Using a Backlink Checker to Maintain Your Website’s Credibility

Ever wondered why we use the term World Wide Web, and what’s the significance of the word ‘web’ in it. Every strand in a spider’s web is connected to each other. The horizontal strands are linked to the vertical ones. Reaching any point in any strand is quite easy. The World Wide Web operates in a similar fashion. Every website should be able to directly or indirectly connected to another website. This trend of trying to connect everyone with everyone else is especially visible on social media sites.

In the ever-evolving world of the internet, you, as a website owner, want to see your backlinks grow. Every viewer on the internet who keys in a search might not find your website directly. But they might reach your site through a link placed on another website to yours. You want anyone who is searching for the information that you have on your website to be able to reach your site. You especially wish to links with other websites that are in the same niche as your website.

Importance of checking backlinks

You must understand why other websites are linking to yours and in what context. Are these links adding value to your website, and are they generating revenue for you? Or are they harming your website? Yes, links to spam and malware sites can cause severe damage to your website. Good backlinks can bring positive results to your website.

Pitfalls of a backlink checker

  • You cannot check whether a backlink is generating more traffic
  • You cannot tell if new backlinks are generating more income
  • You will not understand if your website’s pages performance is improving
  • You won’t know if your web content is reaching the right people and are you fulfilling their needs or not
  • The Backlink Checker will not tell you how to optimize your website, which links to get and how to attract more traffic.

Reasons for Checking Backlinks

There are several reasons to check the backlinks to your website. Contrary to Google’s claim that backlinks don’t add value to a website, they do. Good backlinks add popularity to your site.

  • Good high-ranking backlinks add value to your website
  • Spending money on low-quality backlinks can harm your website
  • Protect your site from negative SEO
  • Your website could get de-indexed
  • Check reviews and complaints about your website

These are some of the reasons why periodically checking backlinks is so important. Follow any new link that you discover and ensure that it’s not a spam link.

Bad links can damage your website; therefore, use a backlink checker by that sends you an alert when a website tries to set up a link to your site. Google’s Penguin algorithm checks websites that have spammy links, which lead to penalization.

In 2012, Google de-indexed sites that had high page ranking and domain authority, so you better keep a close eye on where are your links coming from.

If you want to succeed in your internet marketing, you must keep a check on your backlinks. You must verify each backlink and ensure whether it’s a good link or not.

Remember, if your website is performing well, there will be nefarious people who will try to damage your website. The most accessible tool for them to use is to create false and spam links to your site.

Your main goal should be to create a high profile and reputable sites links to your website and steer clear of any links that look suspicious and have no relation to the content on your website. Retain backlinks that are helping your website and steer away from those that are not. Remember, the internet is an open ring, and all your direct and indirect competitors are competing directly against you. If you are on top, they will try to pull you down. So you must always stay on guard.

Wrapping It Up

Building and managing a website requires time, effort, and money. The last thing that you want to see is all your hard work going to waste. Your content must be top-notch and its quality and not quantity that count when building backlinks. Don’t fret or get frustrated if your ranking is moving up slowly. It takes time to move up in a market, which is free for all.

Mr.Zohaib is the Digital Content SEO Specialist at Well known IT Company, and splitting time between developing SEO strategies and creating content. I am graduate of the University of Faisalabad and enjoys all facets of marketing.  

Benefits of Using a Backlink Checker to Maintain Your Website’s Credibility

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