Arts workers need more training and investment, says government

It’s time we all took the creative sector more seriously. To do that we need to support and invest in training creatives around the world. And to all you creatives, you need to find a way to get the training you need.

Published Friday 3 February 2012 at 10:17 by Natalie Woolman

The creative industries suffer from an “under-investment in human capital”, have too few training opportunities and unfair access to jobs, according to a new report backed by the government.

The report, written for the Creative Industries Council, co-chaired by culture secretary Jeremy Hunt and business secretary Vince Cable, makes 17 recommendations for improving skills across the sector to drive growth.

It says there is a lack of professional development and training within the industries, which needs to be addressed.

The report states: “In order to maximise the potential of the sector, existing barriers need to be addressed – particularly those associated with skills and talent development, which are vital to maintaining competitive advantage.

“Many of these barriers are a consequence of the distinctive structure of the creative labour market – the sector is characterised by a prevalence of SMEs [small and medium enterprises], micro-businesses, start-ups, freelancers and project-based work.

“This structural feature is responsible for an overall market failure in which there is under-investment in human capital, fewer training opportunities, insufficiently structured career progression and unfair access to jobs and opportunities,” the report adds.

Its recommendations include building an online professional learning network for employers and individuals, establishing a single careers resource for the sector and a campaign to raise the profile of apprenticeships.

Cable said: “The government understands the vital role played by smaller firms, especially in the creative industries. We are committed to providing extra help to enable small employers to hire their first apprentices. We’ll also continue to develop new advanced and higher-level apprenticeships to deliver the world-class skills individuals and firms need to get ahead.”

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Arts workers need more training and investment, says government

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