Are you happy?

Are you happy? This seems to be a daily question I ask myself.

Last week I was reminded, again, why it is so incredibly important to be happy. The world lost an amazing technical mind, Humberto Sachs, last week. Humberto was the chief scientist and trouble shooter at The Boeing Corporation from the late 70’s to the mid 90’s. Here he is featured in a Boeing video discussing his accomplishments building the Tubend system for Boeing.

Humberto Sachs passed one week ago today- Palm Sunday to be exact.  I agree with his wife Cheryl that there is something kind of funny about that being his day to leave earth; considering that Humberto did not believe in organization religion. He didn’t want to talk to someone who would talk to ‘God’ for him. He did believe in a higher power and said it was in Us.  “I am sure passing on Palm Sunday would have really pissed him off”, Cheryl said.

And although our partnership did not work out, I like the idea of a higher power being in all of us regardless of what we believe.  Humberto taught me how to become fearless with technically minded individuals- despite my lack of technical knowledge.  (I hate to admit how hard I have had to work to become technically able as a creative. Especially considering what our youth understands and can now do with technology. But my higher power continues to help me build my beginners mind.)

My short but intense relationship with Humberto deepened my understand that our emotions trump all rules when it comes to our decision making.  Humberto was a profound worker, an intense organizer and thinker and doer; and perhaps at the expense of feeling all that he needed to feel.  He awakened me to the sharp realization that the nature of work has changed dramatically and that our emotions must be felt and managed or they are bound to bottleneck our abilities.

Think about it for just a moment.

Our work environments have changed from ● to:

• Stability ● Continuous change
• Monoculture ● Diversity
• Individual work ● Team work
• Detailed job descriptions ● Job crafting
• Vertical hierarchy ● Horizontal networks
• External supervision & control ● Self-control & empowerment
• Dependence on organization ● Own responsibility (employability)
• Fixed schedules & patterns ● Boundary-less-ness
• Physical demands ● Mental and emotional demands

If we want personal and professional success we must put our happiness first.

So, are you happy?  It’s a question I ask myself daily. How about you?


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Are you happy?

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