An Honest Review Of The Hidden Alpha Stock Trading Program

An investment research service can help investors with investment decisions by analyzing how well particular stocks, funds, and assets perform. As such, they help to identify potential risks that are best avoided. 

The Hidden Alpha is an investment research service that informs readers about the safest ways that they can earn investment in the stock market. As such, investors can utilize these recommendations and trading tips to purchase the best stocks. Simply put, Hidden Alpha is equipped with all of the tools that are needed by investors seeking more knowledge on the market. 

Hidden Alpha is essentially a newsletter that provides useful analysis for subscribers to read every month. Professor Joel Litman is a Chief Investment Strategist and the president of Altimetry. The focus on forensic accounting by those in the Altimetry team displays strong expertise within this area. 

Below, we have reviewed the Hidden Alpha Stock Trading Program, however, if you wish to read more about each part of the program in greater detail, you can check out this detailed Hidden Alpha stock review.

The Cost of Hidden Alpha 

Hidden Alpha costs $49 a year, currently providing a very affordable option. Once you have signed up for hidden alpha, every year following your first year of subscription you will automatically be charged $199 via your designated payment method. For those who don’t want to subscribe, they can instead opt for a lifetime membership that costs a total of $599 and can then be paid at a cost of $24 annually.

As such both payment options allow potential customers to opt for the solution that is compatible with their financial situation. If you are unsatisfied with the service that you receive or it doesn’t provide you with what you were looking for, if you contact a member of the team within the first 30 days of purchase, Altimetry offers a money-back guarantee. 

What is included in the Hidden Alpha Subscription?

Those who are considering subscribing to the Hidden Alpha are likely wondering what this fee will cover. You will have access to each issue that is released every month and you will also have access to updates, briefings, and research reports. Aside from this, you will have three months of free access to the stock x-ray machine. This provides you with plenty of time to browse through the software before familiarizing yourself with how it works. After three months this access comes at an additional cost, however, should you decide that the workings of the stock x-ray machine aren’t for you, you can opt-out by contacting a member of the company. Additionally, the team also provides you with access to a quick start guide filled with information surrounding the stock market so you can gain an understanding as to how you can make the most beneficial investments for you. If this wasn’t impressive enough, members will also access Litman’s pick of the month, and as such, this is a stock that has been pinpointed as a personal favorite of his. You are also entitled to many more perks once you have become a member or subscriber. 

How does the Hidden Alpha work?

Hidden Alpha focuses on supplying investors with recommendations of stocks and they do so by auditing companies to select and understand the financial position of each. The information that is gathered during this process is then verified to ensure that any discrepancies are identified.

Litman and the team behind Hidden Alpha also utilize a stock x-ray machine. This machine is responsible for identifying stocks that are deemed to be the most valuable. The process places a central focus upon determining the value and worthiness of particular stocks. To begin, they will analyze global market trends to ensure that they have a consistent understanding of the state of the market. The stock x-ray machine will then analyze each of the companies and stocks before deciding which are the most worthy from the selection that has been processed. 

The Quality of the Customer Service

For many companies, a primary concern is the quality of the customer service that they provide. As such the quality of this service can be highly impressionable in regards to how well the company is perceived. This has been covered by Joel Litman himself who ensures that the customer service team behind the Hidden Alpha excels in this avenue. Once contacted with any queries, they often respond within a day following the point of contact. You will experience communication with a responsive customer service team that values its customers. 

Is the Hidden Alpha worth it?

Hidden Alpha is considered to be a worthy newsletter that provides information regarding stocks in a user-friendly and easily digestible manner that would elsewise appear particularly complex for those who are unfamiliar with this content. Litman and his team browse through thousands of companies and stocks before narrowing the selection down to those deemed to be the most worthy. You will also access his pick of the month which entitles you to Litman’s favorite stock each month. You also aren’t limited in regards to the cost options that are available to you. Not only can you opt for the subscription package, but you also have the option of selecting the lifetime membership so you have constant access. Another valuable feature is the 30-day money-back guarantee. Once you have familiarized yourself with the hidden alpha program if you don’t feel as though it is a valuable expense, you can simply contact a member of the team and they can organize a refund for you. You will also receive access to a high-quality customer service team that prioritizes customer satisfaction. Any concerns are likely to be dealt with within a minimal time frame. 

Of course, the Hidden Alpha isn’t going to suddenly make you rich and you should still expect to make losses as underperformance of stocks cannot necessarily be avoided. 

My name’s Richard, I’ve been working with a lot of companies, making partnerships with websites and investing in this type of work, I’ve failed in different ways but never gave up to get to this position. I will always encourage myself to reach the top.

An Honest Review Of The Hidden Alpha Stock Trading Program

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