All Art Licensing Launches Worldwide Creators’ Online Intensives

August 8, 2012 – For Immediate Release

All Art Licensing Launches Worldwide Creators’ Intensives —

 Live Online Training Events this Fall Feature
Jim Benton (It’s Happy Bunny) discussing ‘Is Your Ego Big Enough for Licensing?’ and Michael Fry (Over the Hedge) on ‘Building Character: How to Cash in on Your Characters Without Losing Your Soul’

SEATTLE– All Art Licensing, a division of J’net Smith Inc., is launching a series of online training events carefully developed for creators who want to introduce or expand their creative content’s global exposure and income through marketing and licensing. This will be the first in a continuing series of Worldwide Creators’ Intensives, online events and webinars, featuring only the highest quality speakers imparting real-life experience and information. And all of them have been specifically designed to be affordable to everyone, especially artists.

This first online training event will focus on Art Licensing Essentials, which is scheduled for the week of September 24-28, 2012, and includes fifteen classes (an hour plus each). After creating hundreds of millions in retail sales for Dilbert, as Vice President Licensing for United Media, J’net went on to create All Art Licensing where her impeccable reputation has become synonymous with presenting licensing seminars packed with an amazing amount of practical information for individual creators and companies who wish to take their business to the next level.

Kicking off the 5-day ‘Intensive’ is none other than creator Jim Benton whose presentation is titled: ‘Is Your Ego Big Enough for Licensing?’ Benton is known for It’s Happy Bunny, which has generated over ¾ of a billion dollars at retail and received five top awards from the Licensing Industry Merchandise Association.  Jim is also known for his Scholastic book series ‘DEAR DUMB DIARY’ which has sold more than six million books with three recent titles having been New York Bestsellers.  He has also been awarded recognition twice from the National Cartoonist Society for excellence in cartooning.  Other properties from his studio include: Frankie K. Stein Mad Scientist, Meanydoodles, jOkObO, and his latest release Catwad.

The week-long online training ‘Intensive’ will feature sequential classes, so you can attend them all. The classes will include topics from ’Creating Marketable Collections and Portfolios,’ All About Agents and DIY Agenting,’ and ‘Absolutely Essential (and low-cost) Marketing Tools,’ to ‘How to Find the Right Manufacturers,’ ‘The New Retail Reality,’ ‘Social Media for Creators,’ ‘Direct to Retail Deals,’ ‘How to Negotiate Contracts and Close Deals,’ ‘Copyrights and Trademarks,’ and more. The entire week will focus on the licensing of art, humor, graphic design, fine art, photography, and cartoons today, with loads of examples from the art licensing world, and covering the absolute ‘Essentials’ for starting and running your own business. Our fantastic line-up of speakers also includes: Melissa Schulz (Kathy Davis Studio), Kirsten Fallon (Big Tent Entertainment), Rick Mallow (Making Connections), Erin Smith (Erin Smith Art LLC/Holy Crap Greeting Cards), Sheila Meehan (Meehan Design Studio), and Karen Jacobs (Copyright Clearance Center). The full schedule of classes, descriptions and speakers can be found at

For our second online event this fall, we are thrilled to announce an unparalleled opportunity for creators wanting to develop their own characters, as well as animators and cartoonists eager to learn about the business. This Worldwide Creators’ Intensive is taught by Michael Fry and J’net Smith and is focused on ‘Building Character—How to Cash In On Your Characters Without Losing Your Soul.’  Fry is well-known as co-creator of Over the Hedge (author with illustrator T. Lewis) whose DreamWorks Animation movie generated $336 million worldwide at the box office.  He was also the executive producer of the prime-time animated series ‘Committed’ based on his syndicated strip of the same name, which launched on the Women’s Entertainment network. Fry is a co-founder and President of RingTales, a new media company that animates print comics for all digital media. RingTales has produced over 1000 animations that have been viewed over 260 million times since 2007.

The live online 3-day event is scheduled for October 15-17, 2012 and will cover specifics about commercial character development, promotion, brand building, leveraging media, contract basics and will culminate on the third day where Mike explains:  ‘How I got two comic strips you never heard of made into a TV series and a feature animated film.’

J’net Smith, company owner, will teach several of the classes herself along with her guest teachers. All classes will be online to make them available to creators around the world, as well as keeping them super affordable.  J’net says, “What I hear from creators, of all kinds, is that they can’t afford many of the conference, or trade show-related programs these days. Plus they dislike being offered ‘hook’ classes which offer incomplete, or worse yet, inaccurate information.”

Registrants of the Worldwide Creators’ Intensive will receive explicit and detailed ‘how to’ information and instruction from each class.  And “that is exactly what All Art Licensing is known for providing, and what attendees will get with all our events. Also you don’t incur the cost or inconvenience of traveling,” Smith adds. She also emphasizes, “We are most grateful for Jim and Mike, and our other terrific speakers, whom without them we could not offer their much sought after wisdom, instruction and counsel.  It’s fantastic to be able to offer such important information to those who are eager to learn.”

All Art Licensing’s Worldwide Creators’ Intensives for this fall include—

  • Dates: September 24-28, 2012 ‘Art Licensing Essentials’ $225 for the 5-day event
  • Dates: October 15-17, 2012 ‘Character Building: How to Cash In On Your Characters Without Losing Your Soul’ $125 for the 3-day event

For more information and to register go to

Jim Benton, creator of It’s Happy Bunny and several other popular brands, will launch the first All Art Licensing Worldwide Creators’ Intensive on September 24th with his keynote, ‘Is Your Ego Big Enough for Licensing?’
Michael Fry, Co-Creator of Over the Hedge (with T. Lewis) will discuss 'Building Character: How to Cash in on Your Character Without Losing Your Soul' October 15-17, 2012, with J'net Smith of All Art Licensing















J’net Smith Inc. and

Jim Benton

Michael Fry and

© All Art Licensing and Worldwide Creators Intensive are copyrighted by J’net Smith Inc. 2012.

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All Art Licensing Launches Worldwide Creators’ Online Intensives

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