Affordable Solar Powered Air Conditioning in a Neat Little Package is Finally Here

One of the biggest concerns for any property owner in Thailand is the high cost of air conditioning. The weather here is hot for the longer part of the year. This makes it necessary to cool the indoors using conventional air-conditioners.

A recent report says at the current rate of consumption, air-conditioning systems will consume 40 percent of the electricity in Southeast Asia in 2040. The rising average temperatures and surge in population only puts a demand on the grid.

Conventional air conditioners rely on electricity and they’re costly to run. About 80 per cent of the country’s electricity supply comes from fossil fuels. This source is not only expensive but also dangerous for the environment.

Why Invest in Solar Air Conditioning?

For starters, it’s easy to agree that using a typical air-con is an expensive undertaking. It hogs a lot of power and drives up your utility bill. With a solar-powered air conditioner, you reduce reliance on the grid, which in turn lowers your power bill.

Another benefit of solar air conditioners is the environmental impact. With growing concerns over global warming, there’s an urgent need for cleaner energy in all applications. Now that air conditioning is responsible for so much fossil fuel use, it follows that using clean solar energy can help the environment.

Solar air conditioning is not only safe but also reliable. You don’t have to worry about power outages that are common in major cities. Your house will always stay cool now that you have your solar air-con working.

Other benefits of using a solar air conditioner in Thailand include low maintenance and increasing the value of your home. It is a smart investment that pays off eventually and helps keep your home comfortable all year round.

Massive Investment in Solar Energy Technology

With these facts in mind, the government and private sector has continued investing heavily in renewable sources of energy. Solar-powered air conditioners are now available on the market.  The initial products and systems were costly, bulky and complicated.

However, more innovation has seen the development of affordable solar-powered air conditioners. These units are small-sized and easy to install without compromising the benefits of natural solar energy.

Towards Smaller Solar Powered Air Conditioners

Over the last few decades, the solar energy industry has moved towards small-scale units for residential use.  When it comes to solar air conditioning, homeowners would like small, high-efficiency units.

Small air conditioners have been around for some time with applications in the trucking industry and RV markets. The application of these smaller compact versions hasn’t spread to home air conditioning. Over the years, some prototypes have emerged all harnessing solar energy but in different ways.

The most common solar air conditioners rely on solar modules.  They include multiple components including indoor and outdoor units, air switch, inverter, fuse protection, panels and other parts. These solar-powered systems are large and complex, and many homeowners avoid them.

The development of a solar cell air conditioner that has everything in a single unit would revolutionize the industry. A solar air con which you can stick outside your window like a typical air conditioner is the ideal solution to the negative perceptions household owners have.

The challenge in developing these smaller systems arises in making the unit efficient.  It requires high-quality solar panels, an inverter and a battery pack to work seamlessly. However, there are still more promising plug and play designs with all the engineering in one package.

With these innovative designs, you only have one unit plus the solar panels which you plug in to start enjoying a cool home. Some designs also allow you to incorporate the grid system when there’s insufficient sunlight.

To get the most out of these small solar-powered air-cons, you have to make your home more efficient. An energy-efficient home requires less effort from your air-con to cool.  If you have no energy wastage in your home, it’s easier to cool.

To make your home more energy-efficient, consider:

  1. Installing deep attic insulation
  2.  Adding wide roof overhangs
  3. checking for air leakage and sealing any gaps, cracks
  4. Use install low-solar-gain windows

After making your home more energy-efficient, it’s easier for your solar air conditioner to deliver better results. The new solar air-con on the market is not big and intimidating but it delivers on the most important things; efficiency and affordability.

You don’t have to break the bank to keep your house comfortable. With affordable air-con, it’s easier to enjoy a quicker payback. Of course, you should first consult an experienced solar installer in your area before investing in any solar air conditioner in Thailand. These professionals will guide you to make the best decision. Better still, they carry out a home energy consumption audit to determine how much electricity you need to cool your home.

Mashum Mollah is an entrepreneur, founder, and CEO at Viacon, a digital marketing agency that drives visibility, engagement, and proven results. He is a passionate blogger and blogs at Follow him on Facebook & Instagram.

Affordable Solar Powered Air Conditioning in a Neat Little Package is Finally Here

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