Advantages of Time Tracking For Solo Marketing Consultants

With the various software present in the market, time and attendance tracking software occupy every industry’s leading position.

As we are experiencing a global pandemic, everyone works from home, which advents to use this software more than the regular times. 

How does this help a marketing consultant who usually is working with multiple clients?

The answer is present in the question itself. While working with multiple clients, you may lose track of time dedicated to each project. 

This is where time tracking software helps in keeping in account the billable and non-billable hours separately. 

Now, convinced? We have a detailed list of advantages of time tracking for solo marketing consultants in this article. Read till the end to know the mind-bogging benefit at last. 

  • Increases productivity and efficiency

An obvious advantage of time tracking software is that it increases productivity. When someone continually monitors, you tend to be aware and do the work faster and efficiently. 

Even you will be surprised to know the immense productive energy within yourself. A time tracking software does the same for you. 

It tracks your hours and minutes on the projects either manually or through an automated system.

As a marketing consultant, this helps keep track of your time on which project seamlessly.

  • Analyze the data

Some time tracking software provides extensive reports. It is usually based on the hours you worked per client, project, team, or user. These details are hard to calculate manually. 

What a time tracking software does is it translates these data into an understandable statistical format.

It is also simple for you to understand and draw conclusions. Some of the software with these features are Time Doctor, BigTime, Jibble, and TimeCamp.

  • Provides project budgeting insights

Framing a budget for your consulting services is risky without having ample information on the project type, duration, and many other factors. 

Instead of guessing work, you can use time tracking software to get insights from your previous projects on a fixed rate per hour, discounts your offer, the variable rate for a client per task.

For example, you are a social media marketing consultant and recently got a client for increasing the sales of XYZ brand through Instagram and Facebook ads.

In this case, you can provide details on your previous work and how much you charged per ad or hour using the insights from time tracking software. 

This intensive analysis will determine your value and prevent you from quoting less than you deserve.

  • Eases off invoicing

A modern time tracking software comes as a solution to billing and invoicing complexities as well. 

It shows up all your tasks, milestones connected to every project that you have completed, need to plan, and already planned on separate dashboards. 

With this facility, you can send partial invoices to your clients separately for the completed tasks. 

And what’s even more: set payment reminders that urge your client to pay on time. 

  • Additional functionality to manage projects

We saved the best for you in the last. A time tracking feature combined with project management software simplifies your workload by 90 percent. 

This is applicable, especially for marketing consultants who deal with multiple projects at a time. 

Rather than purchasing separate tools for project management and time tracking, it is wise to invest in multi-functional software like BigTime and Time Doctor that will save your penny.

Besides, it gives you accurate project estimation in terms of time and budget, and thus you have a sense of control over the current projects efficiently. 

Start up-leveling your marketing!

As you will find no single success formula for a business’s success, there is no one-stop time tracking software solution that fits every marketing consultant’s needs. 

However, every software comes with a free trial, so you can try and test potential time tracking software to choose the best for you.

Eada Hudes is an Arts student whose experiences in life make her really tougher than anyone else. She can lend you expert tips on diverse topics ranging from relationship to fashion,technology, making money, health and so on. Her write-ups are a window into her thoughts and knowledge.

Advantages of Time Tracking For Solo Marketing Consultants

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