8 Traits You Need to Run a Business Successfully

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The character traits of a business owner or manager can make or break a business. When you are not acting as a good leader in your company, you not only affect the day to day operations of your company but you could also demoralize the employees and cause them to leave. So, what are some of the character traits that make good managers and business owners? Consider the following.

Positive Thinkers

To successfully run a business, you have to be a positive thinker. This means you expect a good outcome even when you can’t see the future clearly, or when things at the moment look tough. When you are a positive person, even your employees will have a positive view of your business. This goes hand in hand with a positive attitude. However, if you are always complaining and seeing negativity in everything, you will demoralize everyone in your company. But note that a successful business can’t be built on positive thinking. You need to think positively and take action.  

Good Communicators

Successful business owners and managers are good communicators. Poor communication in business can result to lost sales, poor relationships with employees, suppliers and customers, a ruined brand reputation, resource wastage, decreased productivity and conflict among many others. Good leaders and business owners master the art of communicating effectively both verbally and in writing with everyone who is involved in the business. By clearly communicating goals, expectations and procedures with employees, a company is able to meet its goals on time.


For a company to run smoothly, the leader has to be very organized. Good managers and business owners have a very organized way of doing things at the office. They have a clear plan for every process and guidelines that should be followed. When a person is organized, they are able to accomplish more without getting confused and making errors. Also, an organized person sets a good example to other people in the office.


Successful managers and business owners acknowledge that they will never be perfect, but they can be better with continuous learning. They sign up for management courses on sites such as https://online.suffolk.edu/programs/mba, read blogs, attend training and seminars, network to learn, read books and seek guidance from those who have more experience. And they encourage their team members to be learners too by organizing training for them once in a while.  


Successful business owners and managers are caring and empathetic towards others. They look into the interests of their team members and give them the necessary support. A caring person ensures that the health and wellbeing of the employees are well taken care of, and he or she supports employees’ growth and mentors upcoming managers and business leaders. Also, he or she shows concern when someone in their team is struggling and offers them the necessary help. As a person encourages and invests in others, they also get to grow stronger as leaders.


Successful business owners and managers achieve their goals because they are committed to do so. They will do what it takes to keep the business running and successful despite the challenges and risks involved. Committed business owners will try different things, look for better ideas everywhere and at times work at the oddest hours to meet their goals.


Successful entrepreneurs are resilient individuals. No business, no matter how successful, is without challenges, and this is why resilience is a must have trait. You will face challenges as you start, when you are growing, as you interact with others and even when you are at peak performance. Since challenges are inevitable, all you can do is learn how to handle them. Business owners who view challenges as an opportunity to grow are the ones who are more likely to go far and succeed more.


Finally, great business owners and managers are flexible individuals. When the original plan doesn’t work or the original idea isn’t generating enough profits, they are willing to take a different direction. They are also willing to make changes as the consumer preferences change, technology changes and when they are other evolutions in the industry.

These are some of the traits that can contribute to running any business successfully. Some people are born with these traits whereas, for others, every day is a learning experience. Any trait can be developed as long as you set your mind to it. Also, even when you excel in a certain area, remember that there is always room for learning more.

BIO:  James Daniels is a freelance writer, business enthusiast, a bit of a tech buff, and an overall geek. He is also an avid reader, who can while away hours reading and knowing about the latest gadgets and tech, whilst offering views and opinions on these topics.

8 Traits You Need to Run a Business Successfully

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