8 Tips to Stay Productive in Social Media Management

Productivity hacks can help you in your social media management. But where to begin?

First, you have to understand that managing your social media networks takes time and energy. And, in order to get through your tasks, you need to go about them right.

Here are eight tips to make productivity count towards social media management.

  1. Focus On Good-Quality Interactions

“You should work daily on the quality of your social media relationships,” says Megan Fletcher, a journalist at Writinity and Researchpapersuk. “However, you should consider quality over quantity, when connecting with thousands of social media followers on any network. Good interactions with your followers is key to having good relationships with them, and keeping them in the loop.”

  1. Caffeine

Drinking coffee may sound crazy; however, many social media managers say that caffeine keeps them going throughout the day, giving them time to tackle assignments concerning social media. Also, caffeine is said to boost alertness and mental focus.

Though, you may want to consider how much caffeine you can manage before going full-blown coffee addict.

  1. Group Similar Tasks

Batching, in this case, means that you combine similar tasks in a single batch. Rather than switching from one task to another, batching helps you stay focused. However, be sure to take necessary breaks every so often, so that you won’t get tired having to complete a batch of tasks.

  1. Find New Clients

As you interact with more and more people, chances are, you’ll find prospects that may eventually turn into long-term clients. By “prospects,” we mean:

  • Possible Sponsorships
  • Possible investors
  • Suppliers
  • Members of the media
  • Public officials/Celebrities

First, know who you would want in your circle (any person, any brand, etc.). Make your list of potential clients, and start connecting with them via social networks or by email.

  1. Stay Organized

As social media managers, you have to stay organized. Here are some suggestions to get started.

  • Video chat services like Zoom can help you record meetings with clients, employees, etc.
  • Communication tools like Basecamp help you and your team stay on task.
  • You can write up procedures and slides with software like Google Docs.
  • You can manage projects with business communication platforms like Slack, which offers many IRC-style features, including the ability to have private groups, chat rooms by topic, and direct messaging.
  1. Keep Tabs On Market Trends

The latest market trends will help you determine who to sell to, what to sell, and how to do it. And like most of your duties as social media manager, you can’t sweep this under the rug.

Market trends help you learn things like statistics, tendencies, and other relevant information. All you have to do is sign up for online alerts like Google Alerts and Talkwalker (which will send you notifications via email or RSS). Also, learn how your competitors are doing business, and maybe… just maybe… you might do it better than them, or find another solution.

  1. Have A Chatbot

Chatbots make it to where you don’t have to answer every inquiry that comes your way.

For example, Facebook Messenger lets you equip a chatbot within minutes (without using a code), and then handle the inquiries for you, saving you time and energy.

  1. Don’t Be Afraid Of Opportunities!

“You can help your company earn money by taking advantage of events and opportunities,” says Kevin Howard, a business blogger at Draft beyond and Last minute writing. “You can start by checking out listings of events and places that you can go to, to promote your brand. That’s one thing that social media managers tend to forget about, is going out there and promoting, promoting, promoting.”

Here are some ideas on increasing your productivity, as social media manager:

  • Attend AND participate in local networking events. Contact event organizers to see if you can give a talk during the event.
  • Call and set up meetings with prospects. Chances are, today’s prospect can be tomorrow’s client.
  • Videos are great for your followers. Use videos to tell your success stories, and what strategies you’ve used to get to your goals.
  • Take time to resolve something that might be affecting your ability to reach your target audience.


With these eight tips on productivity, you’ll be able to manage your social media networks, and get more done in less time. We hope you achieve great results as Social Media Manager. Remember: be smart with your work; don’t push too hard.

Cheri Jones is a business writer at Luckyassignments.com, and an online editor at Gumessays.com. As an entrepreneur, she has participated in, as well as managed, many business projects nationwide.

8 Tips to Stay Productive in Social Media Management

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