8 Efficient Business Safety Ideas

Time is money but in order to have enough time to make money, you need to stay safe and healthy. From solopreneurs to factory workers, business safety is the precondition for profitability. You should never run out of ideas that will help you run an efficient business safety program.

The importance of good posture

Whether you work an office job that involves sitting in front of a computer screen for hours or you lift heavy items, maintaining good posture is essential. Back problems and neck pain are common ailments caused by an unergonomic work environment.

Ideally, your knees should be bent at a perpendicular angle to avoid extra stress on the back. When lifting heavy objects, make sure you crouch and then use the power of your leg muscles to lift, instead of straining your back.

The employers can help by providing staff with mechanical aids, such as forklifts, wheelbarrows, or pallet jacks. Furthermore, they can custom order the furniture that would fit each worker’s height and weight. 

Encourage workers to report unsafe conditions

The safety procedures the HR department comes up with are futile unless they reflect the reality of the workplace. That is why no procedure should be set in stone, as workers should be encouraged to suggest a change to the company’s safety policies. 

If the working conditions are unsafe, field operatives are the ones to notice it first. In fact, labor laws in many countries give employees the right to refuse a work task if the employer hasn’t equipped them with the right safety gear. Instead of bossing people around, ask them if they feel safe at the workplace.

Avoid taking shortcuts

Taking shortcuts to success comes naturally to a savvy entrepreneur but workplace safety isn’t a game. Since people’s well-being and lives are at stake, safety procedures should be followed to the letter (as constantly improved, as we have seen above)!

There are no shortcuts and easy solutions when it comes to operating heavy machinery or driving heavy-duty trucks. Operators need to read the instruction manuals thoroughly and attend training courses all the time. The surest and the dumbest way to injure yourself or a fellow employee is to sacrifice safety.

Take more frequent breaks

The longest break during a typical workday should be the one for breakfast and/or lunch. However, this shouldn’t be the only break, as workers in creative industries should be encouraged to take short breaks as often as possible.

Working for too long without taking a break decreases concentration and increases the chances of an injury occurring. In an office, this injury is rather benign but what if you run a construction company where the slightest error could result in a fatality? That’s why it’s important to allow employees to smoke a fag once in a while.

Proper storage in the office

Speaking of construction sites and other industrial work settings, storage plays a key role here. Namely, there are so many hazardous materials that require proper storage that you need flammable goods storage cabinets to keep everyone safe.

Of course, the exact protective gear is going to depend on the nature of the treat. Instead of standard fire extinguishers, office buildings have ones that can suppress electrical fires. Also, working at height implies the erection of fall-prevention barriers and/or safety nets.

Emergency exits must be clear at all times

Having mentioned office building, you’d be surprised by the number of cases of blocked corridors and fire exits. Simply placing stacks of copy paper in the hallway can cause a trip-and-fall injury, not to mention how dangerous it is to use emergency exits and staircases as storage depots.

Work accidents cannot be prevented 100% and that’s why there are security procedures in place to ensure the total damage and the risk to human health are minimal. An essential segment of every security strategy are emergency exits that allow people to leave the disaster zone quickly and efficiently.

Drills and training are essential

The recent debate about whether modern societies really require a police force poses a basic question of why is a policeman with a gun better than any other conscientious citizen with a gun. The mean difference is that policemen are trained professionals who practice shooting, driving, hostage situations, etc.

The same principle should be applied to business safety, as employees have to constantly attend various training classes aimed at increasing workplace safety. The more they practice, the better will they react in case of a real emergency. From fast evacuation during a fire drill to learning how to use the contents of first-aid kits, training programs are a real must.

Stay up to date with safety procedures

In order to beat their competitors, businesses are constantly searching for innovative solutions and new techs to help them gain an advantage in the market. However, new machines and software shouldn’t be put into use right away, as workers must be updated on the new safety regulations.

Also, there should exist a trial period during which workers should be encouraged to report all difficulties and ask their instructors questions more than usual. 

Corporate safety is so important today that clients and partners give a wide berth to businesses with awful safety records. The more ideas regarding safety you can come up with, the higher the profit margin you can look to forward in the end.

8 Efficient Business Safety Ideas

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