7 Content Writing Secrets to Increase Website Traffic

Are you reaping the benefits you aspire from your content writing? If your answer is anything besides yes, then you need to write content that increases your web traffic.

Well-written, high-quality content is everything, especially if the purpose is to boost website traffic. As such, your efforts should focus on writing informative, educative, and unique content. What’s more, for content to increase web traffic, it needs to be engaging, compelling, and friendly.

Good content will naturally draw in more visitors, whether to your site or your blog. However, while it is easy to notice the benefits of useful content, the main question is exactly how you can write content that promotes more website traffic.

Virtually, writing content for more website traffic is a distinct process, and requires you to have the right skills, mindset, and knowhow. While there is no secret blueprint for writing good quality content, there are a few tips that you can use to help improve both the quantity and quality of your writing.

Below are 7 Content Writing Secrets to Increase Website Traffic

1. Do Your Research.

Before you start your writing, you should have extensive knowledge about the topic you want to write about. While at it, you should include metrics, data, and statistics to establish credibility as well as support your argument.

Furthermore, if you want to write content that attracts people to your site, you may as well endeavor to ensure Google notices your efforts. Research on the topics, phrases, and keywords most people are looking at or searching for and work on those.

2. Write content that appeals to your target audience

More times than not, content writers continuously pump out material for no purposeful reason, with no genuine strategy backing it. Essentially, they overlook the fact that real humans need to read long your content-you are not just writing for fun, or search engines’ algorithms, but for actual persons!

As such, when writing content, you must always strive to offer value to your audience. What unique service/product can you provide? What knowledge are you suggesting that other sites don’t have? Nobody understands your brand like you-so take advantage of that.

3. Create In-Depth Content

With an average of 5.6 billion searches per day, it is not surprising that Google searches for the most authoritative material. In fact, most search engines are inclined toward in-depth content that addresses all aspects of the given topic.

To ensure you write in-depth content packed with useful information, pick a broad topic like digital marketing and dig deep into it. Also, utilize phrases or keywords in your headlines and support your material with verifiable statistics and data.

Also, break up your content with various media forms and where possible, incorporate an email capture form. Finally, when concluding, ask your target audience for feedback as well as for them to share your material on various social media platforms.

4. Incorporate SEO: Optimize Your Content. 

A properly-written content is the foundation of any SEO approach. It is the basis from which many search engines rank your website. Ideally, content focussed on attracting traffic begins with optimizing your content for specific keywords.

You can enhance your site traffic by incorporating SEO practices. Some free SEO tools such as Keyword Hero and Google Analytics can assist discover phrases and keywords that rank high among your niche.

The best content often comprises short sentences, bulleted lists, and short paragraphs. To optimize your content, you should use the best SEO practices and modern SEO strategies. You should include long-tail keywords, meta-data descriptions, and some detailed URLs. However, refrain from using so many keywords (keyword stuffing) to boost your site traffic.

5. Surprise Your readers with Unexpected Hooks

The internet is filled with so much content in all sectors that it becomes difficult for readers to get something precious. Amidst this content saturation dilemma, you can help your content stand out by providing your readers with information or ideas that they will rarely get anywhere else.

When writing content, your objective should be to offer your audience something unique and which they would not expect to come across in your material. Such may be an element in your content that is actionable, unpredictably practical, or only outstandingly original.

If you are uncertain about how to do this, or you can click here for info on how to create unique content that helps you stand out, or you can hire a professional writer to do it for you.

However, if you have an idea of how to write good content, you can improve your content and add the ‘unexpected element’ by focussing on several aspects like using case studies, personal experiences and anecdotes, or combining stats and ideas from other successful writers or publishers.

6. Include Quotes and Stats from Credible Sources

Typically, linking out, particularly to highly authoritative websites or sources is a significant factor Google and users alike utilize to examine the accuracy of the information provided. The relevance of linked sources to your topic may also enhance the relevance score of your material to the target keywords they use.

Furthermore, by citing other works, you effectively open yourself up to multiple networking and collaborating opportunities, especially if your content is excellent.

7. Edit Your Content

The primary difference between average and superior content is how well the content is edited. Once you have written your first draft, take the time to think about how you can polish the rough edges on your content.

Writing improves with a few edit phases-even if it is from experienced writers. Typically, you can use several available programs like Google Docs, Microsoft Word, and OpenOffice or if you don’t mind, you can also have another individual assess your writing before you produce the final piece.


Effectual content writing is essential in increasing organic traffic. What’s more, besides increasing website traffic, it also promotes engagement, adds value to your services and products, and generates new sales and leads. With these seven content writing secrets, you can effectively increase website traffic significantly.

Good Luck!

Sandra Larson is a freelance writer who works for an online essay writing company. Given her journalistic past, she is often involved in independent research related to studentship and education.

7 Content Writing Secrets to Increase Website Traffic

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