6 Ways to Start Investing with Little Money in 2020

You may not realize but investing in little amount is very important. The condition and circumstances that 2020 has brought to us seem to have left us back with nothing. The most important thing right now is to grow your money. There are no new jobs left hence you will have to grow your money and that is only possible if you invest your current money.

This is the correct time for every beginner to start investing and here we will give all the investment ideas for all the beginners to start increasing their savings. It might happen in the next few years you might fail to arrange for a job for yourself hence you will have to just be dependent on your investment plans.

Now in this condition, the key to growing some more money is by investing more in it. Once you save little money to enjoy, you can start investing it. In 2020, investing is no big deal for the beginners because you anyway invest in food and your iOS bills.

Let’s get started, we will give you six ways to invest in 2020.

Cookie jar Method

This is the most basic method which all of us have done some time in our past days or in childhood.

Well as a kid we never understood what is investing but today we can explain to the beginners that saving and investing are almost the same. If you want to invest money, first you will have to save it. But again you may think that saving money will take a lot of time, let me tell you it is very simple and in very less time you will be able to save and invest the money properly.

Take away $10 from your pocket money or you saving and start keeping is separately and make a promise that you will never touch it again. Hence you will be able to save enough at the end of the year and then you can invest it on any asset you have longed for. It might sound quite selfish but the reality is to make yourself practice to live on a little less than what you actually earn on a monthly basis.

Robo Advisor

If you think that you are not being able to spend your money appropriately then you will have to look for a Robo advisor which will guide you through. This facility was created to make investment easy and accessible. As a beginner, you can take the help of a Robo-advisor without any hesitation because they are the correct ones to advise you on anything related to investment. If you cannot handle your investment then let them handle yours, you can relax on that.

Invest in Real Estate

Well, the term real estate seems to be very high profile and complicated but the reality is that investing in real estate is as easy and saving some money. So it is just that you need to save some money and start investing it in some real asset. The real estate investment is very important, that you save the amount for at least 2 years and spend it on some real estate asset like a shop or property.

Make Retirement Plan

This is something very important, this is like investing in yourself. Having your retirement plan is very important so that you save for your future from now onwards. If you sustain on a tight budget, if you have simple steps of enrolling then you will need to enroll yourself in some basic retirement plan. You can simply send the very little amount to claim to get back the maximum after retirement if you start right today.

You can just invest your one year’s salary to invest in any of the retirement plans.

Put your money into low investment factors

This is a straight indication to mutual funds, it is very important that you spend a share of your money investing on mutual funds. Every portfolio must contain a mutual fund share which is very important during this crisis period.

Talk to agents and senior investors have an idea about mutual funds and then start spending on mutual funds one by one. Do not think that you will be able to spend too much but at least sped some decent amount.

Make a Treasury

Use the US Treasuries to save all the money that you have earned and they will really make you rich. A very small investment on treasuries will also be helpful to save all your money safely in a place from where no one else except you can touch or use it.


The six different ways of investment that we have found out for you seems to be very important in 2020. If from now on you want to stop spending extra money then start saving them for the future.

Evanka Smith is a freelance content writer and enthusiastic blogger. She is the co-founder of tourandtravelblog. She contributes to many authority blogs such as Content Rally, and many more.

6 Ways to Start Investing with Little Money in 2020

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