5 Simple Ways to Keep Your Staff Smiling in 2019

Workplace productivity and state of employee happiness are intertwined and one affects the other. An employee that is evidently unhappy with something work-related, won’t be as productive as the next person. Simply put, an unhappy work environment is caused by the miserable workforce. 

Good managers will recognize the first signs of low office morale and a decrease in productivity. The first step towards a happier workplace and better productivity is by turning frowns into smiles.

Get To Know Your Employees

“Get me that tall guy with funny T-shirts, asap!” will definitely be the reason your employees are frowning instead of smiling. Employees should not feel like they are just another face in the crowd. If an employee is recognized for their efforts and the work they put in, referred by their name, they will feel a higher sense of responsibility and accountability. So, knowing your employee’s names and keeping open lines of communication will definitely boost employee morale.

Flexibility - Work from Home Option

A more relaxed atmosphere and some perks could be meaningful to the members of your team. For example, flexible working hours, work from home option and remote working all create that relaxed atmosphere. By allowing them to work from home, you basically show how much you trust them and believe that they will get things done even if they are not at the office. If you allow your employees the option to manage their time and resources in the most effective way, you will have many happy employees in your team. You will also create a win-win scenario for you both - as a manager, you will retain the best talents. As an employee - you will get the opportunity to do some great work and deal with personal matters. So, give your team the option to work from home once a week or to work remotely for longer periods of time.

Healthy employees = happy employees

According to research shared by the University of Warwick, healthy employees are more productive. So, fostering healthy habits among your employees must be your goal for 2019. You can incorporate a wellness office program and provide your employees with gym memberships. This will boost their morale, increase productivity as exercise reduces stress and support them to make better lifestyle decisions.

Create a stress-free zone at your office

Every office needs a shared space for employees to relax and socialize beyond their desks and away from computer screens. The leisure room is a must in every corporate setting. This is where people come to relax and have a quick mental break. Make sure to furnish it with few comfy armchairs and a big comfy sofa. Add a few plants that are known to improve air quality, incense sticks or oil diffuser would be a nice touch too. 

You can even include an office massage chair everyone can use for a short whole-body massage. Your employees will quickly get used to this benefit and use it to release the pent up tension and increase their energy levels. Choosing one of the zero gravity massage chairs will definitely be the reason your staff is smiling in 2019.

Embrace the special occasions

Birthdays, anniversaries, successful wins, big projects should all be celebrated and treated as special occasions. There is always time to gather in a shared space and take a break from their day-to-day activities and celebrate with a slice of cake in hand. You can also keep treats spontaneous, so you can surprise your team when they least expect it. Birthdays are often planned in advance and can be celebrated monthly as a group birthday. To keep things fresh, pick two random dates a month and surprise your employees with fresh fruit, waffles or a surprise breakfast. These small tokens of appreciation will spread smiles across the office, for sure.

Everyone wants to feel valued and appreciated and it all starts by creating a positive work atmosphere. Interpersonal relations play an important role, too. If we make a conscious decision to create a positive work atmosphere, everything else will flourish, too. People will become happier, productivity levels will surge and people will collaborate better. These ideas will be a great start if you want to keep your staff smiling throughout 2019. The benefits of these ideas will most likely be observed even when the calendar year turns into 2020.

5 Simple Ways to Keep Your Staff Smiling in 2019

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