5 Content Marketing Tips For Very Beginners

Starting out as an online business in today’s competitive market of the World Wide Web can come across as a daunting task.

That said, if you avoid some of the business-killing mistakes that many young entrepreneurs tend to make and you commit to following some of the useful tips from other folks who have been through it all already, you will certainly increase your chances of success early on into your entrepreneurial venture.

In this article, we’re going to talk about how you can further your content marketing efforts if you are a complete and utter rookie when it comes to managing your online presence. Simply being prepared to listen carefully and work hard will immediately give you an advantage over your competition.

1) Make Your Website User-Friendly

The last thing you want to happen to your online business would be to create a bunch of interesting products or services but then be completely unable to pitch these to your online audience because your website is laggy, weirdly-organized, or just doesn’t work.

You see, while having plenty of interesting assets such as videos and high-resolution images is always a good idea, these files can just as well present a snag for the users because they won’t be able to load the pages they want to visit.

The thing is, as cruel as it sounds, people tend to get impatient online way too easily, so if the pages on your website tend to take a couple of extra seconds to load, a good chunk of these potential customers may simply abandon their idea to buy from you and go elsewhere.

This is why it’s important you optimize your website to the best of your ability without hampering its functionality at the same time.

2) Increase Brand Awareness

Organizing an online presence for your business is not just about slapping your company’s logo onto a blank web page and calling it a day.

To attract more people to both your online and offline premises, you have to not only organize the website itself well, but spread the links leading to it throughout the web, thus increasing the likelihood of people being able to see them while surfing the Internet.

SEO, for example, can be a great tool to achieve this, (as well as virtually all the other entries in this article) as you can enrich your content with suitable keywords that can again, help people find you more easily on the Internet.

In case you’re not sure how to do this on your own and you happen to live in Australia, you can hire the help of a Melbourne-based SEO company, for example. Sometimes it pays off to seek help early on, until you learn these techniques yourself. Of course, many big and experienced entrepreneurs tend to use the assistance of SEO companies, too.

3) Find More Customers

By expanding your presence on the Internet and especially across different social media platforms.

Running all of your social media platforms and pages can be a task you can give to a single employee, so it’s not like you will spend too much money on it. Plus, making accounts on these pages is often completely free, so no additional costs here, either.

4) Avoid Paid Advertisement

The thing is, if you’re already using SEO and other online tools to further your business, you won’t need as many paid advertisements outside of these efforts.

The goal is to cut down on the costs of advertisement as much as possible, so if you’re able to do this through organizing your advertisement for yourself without having to haul as many paid advertisements, you can rest assured you will both save money and have more organic traffic to your website over time.

5) Check on Competition

While ‘keeping up with the Josses’ isn’t the path you necessarily need to take to make it in online marketing, you do need always to be aware of how your competition is doing.

Some of their moves and choices can give you an idea of how a similar initiative of yours may fare should you decide to mount one, for example.


All in all, using SEO, checking the pulse of your competition, and following market trends is what you need to be doing to succeed in your line of business. The more you can do that, the better the position you will be in to secure more leads and sales down the road.


Author bio:

Ayla Anderson is an avid reader and an enthusiastic blogger who writes articles on home improvement, business, Family and beauty. She is also an MBA student who spends much of her time giving advice to newly small businesses on how to grow their businesses. You can follow me on https://twitter.com/Ayla55489508

5 Content Marketing Tips For Very Beginners

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