4 Ways to Deal with Bad Employees Like Ted

Written by Neil Talarico

If Ted the talking teddy bear hurled his obnoxious insults in the real world, he would have seen the unemployment line in record time. The movie Ted is fictional, but it’s a classic example of art imitating life. Bad employees are real. Effective and creative employee management strategies can prevent the need to issue pink slips.

Remain Professional

Keeping a calm and professional demeanor is good practice all the time, but it is particularly crucial when dealing with hothead employees who snipe at every suggestion. These employees may only react when they receive the same level of volume and intensity they give, according to Inc.com. Although a loud, booming voice may not be an appropriate performance management tactic for every worker, it may be the only way to ensure a difficult employee will hear what’s being said.

Good employee management dictates not getting sucked down to the sniper’s level, says Time‘s Paul Shread. Save the barbed retorts for drinks after work, instead of hurling them at your employee during a corporate meeting. Staying cool and standing firm may calm down some types of difficult subordinates; leaving the room may be more effective for others. Return when the person has cooled down, and can once again communicate like a human being. If nothing seems to motivate your problem employee, try following an online management plan or using a product like Cornerstone OnDemand performance management software. These tools offer step-by-step instructions for dealing with behavior and performance issues.

Recognize Misplaced Skills

The rebellious employee typically likes to go against the grain at every turn, regardless of the direction. Some people are simply not content unless they are making waves, an article in Forbes points out, and breaking them of their rebellious streak is not an option. While this type of behavior may be detrimental to a team environment of average worker bees, it can be a strong and effective trait in other areas. Rebellious types often kick butt in customer advocate positions, with the drive to take on anyone who gets in the way of customers’ needs. Forbes goes as far as to say the rebel employee can often make a killer CEO.

Know How to Motivate

Certain employee types never seem to get anything done. One is the eternal “yes man.” Another is the self-proclaimed genius. The former is on board with every project imaginable, but fails to deliver when the time comes for results. The latter is too busy spouting about his or her abilities to actually get any work done.

Motivation is key for effective performance management, and knowing how to motivate specific employee types can work wonders. Time suggests having the yes man devise a schedule for delivering the job, complete with a timetable he must follow. The self-proclaimed genius may best be motivated by asking for her brilliant opinion on each phase of a project, even if those opinions are not followed.

Be Prepared

Knowing how a particular employee will likely react to a presentation or situation offers a chance to quash bad behavior before it gets out of hand. Have a stockpile of reasons why a certain project will work, despite the self-proclaimed genius’s objections. Be ready to leave the room for the hot head’s scream-fest or the drama queen’s monologue. One final tip: Know when to let someone go if there is simply no other choice — even if that someone is a raunchy teddy bear named Ted.


About Neil Talarico
Neil studied both auto mechanics and technology. He is now an editor for several auto blogs in the Midwest.

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4 Ways to Deal with Bad Employees Like Ted

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