4 Ways Co-Working Can Help Entrepreneurs

Written by Erica Bell

Image Source: DeskMag

Co-working spaces are on the rise as more and more freelancers, entrepreneurs and professionals are spending time working in the collaborative atmosphere provided. Entrepreneurs are innovative, driven individuals and co-working spaces can enhance your efforts. From more creativity to better feedback on a regular basis, there are multiple reasons why entrepreneurs who have tested out a co-working environment are sticking around. If you’re on the fence, here are 4 ways co-working can help you.

New Ideas

In a Global Coworking Survey, conducted in October and November 2012, the first results found that 74% of the respondents cited ideas relating to their business had increased since beginning work in a co-working space and 71% saw an increase in their creativity. As bloggers, freelancers, entrepreneurs and professional, sometimes we hit bumps in the road that hinder our progress. A co-working space can help lead to the generation of new ideas and increased creativity as to how to move the business forward. Because co-working brings together diverse people, brainstorming sessions with the people around you can lead to innovative ideas for your entrepreneurial success.

New Clients

Entrepreneurs can land new clients by spending some time in a co-working space. A quick chat can lead to a more in-depth conversation about potential projects together. And because your work station is where this talk is taking place, you’ll be able to show this prospective new client exactly what you’re working on and how working together will be mutually beneficial. In the same survey mentioned above, 75% of those in co-working spaces would like to attend networking events. You can connect with potential clients or employees with successful networking. Be sure to carry a business card or have notepad for jotting down contact info.

New Networks

Whether it’s a networking event or someone sitting at the office desk next to you, you could find a new connection for your next businesses sitting a few feet away from you. Working with one person in your co-working space could lead to a strong word-of-mouth recommendation. Connecting with those in the same vicinity could also lead to cross-promotion of events or newsletter sign-ups. Because co=working spaces are filled with social professionals, it’s much easier to create mutually beneficial partnerships that support both your businesses. You can use your new found network to expand your business, whether it’s attending an event or sending a blast out on social media.

New Audience

62% of the survey respondents answered that they often share knowledge and advice with fellow coworkers. Entrepreneurs in a co-working environment will have access to a new audience for feedback and suggestions. 47% also listed that they receive moral support from others in their co-working space. Not only will you be able to gain valuable insight from people with a wider range of backgrounds than you may normally be able to you. Once you get to talking to those around you, you can give feedback on others’ projects and get feedback on your own activities fast.

Entrepreneurs in co-working spaces can gain some valuable insight from those around them. Whether it’s feedback on a project or a tip that turns to a new idea for your next business, co-working spaces can be a great benefit. While the social working atmosphere may not be for everyone, it’s important to evaluate your most productive working style and see if it’s a match with co-working. Because co-working spaces are flexible with payment and time frame for use, you can try out one local to you. If you see an increase in productivity, networking or ideas for your business, co-working may be just the fit for you.


About Erica Bell

Erica is a small business writer who focuses on topics such as coworking and office spaces. She is a web content writer for the B2B directory Business.com.


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4 Ways Co-Working Can Help Entrepreneurs

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