21st Century Artists Fuel Change

21st Century Artists fuel change. Are you a 21st century creative change maker?   If so, we are looking for you!

Calling all 21st Century Creative Minds:

IAE is in search of smart, creative, forward leaning artists to learn how to create even bigger change!

  • Online Boost Camp arts entrepreneurship training starts April 14th Saturday from 9am-11am CST. From the comfort of your home get to know others just like you and build the skills you need to make your ideas become reality. Sign up before April 1st.
  • Prefer to learn in person? Live in the Chicago area or willing to move? IAE in person training begins on September 21st, 2012.  Applications are now being accepted for our 2012-2013 school year.  Start your application with questions here.
  • Want to know what our students are saying about our program? Take a look here. http://youtu.be/cP15qCQFoks
  • Want to know what kind of students are enrolling next year? Well to name a few- a former Oprah camera man, a fashion designer who has an interest in binary code, a progressive community building flutist and a writer who wants to become a creative communication specialist! And what do you want to do?


Calling All Supportive Educators:

  • Encourage your students to apply to our training program. At $3500.00 for 9 months of entrepreneurial ” real time” business and mindset development training, in addition to a rich “community” of  support, our program has a heartbeat of its own. Listen! Can you hear it? IAE students can!
  • Spread our message at your school. Educators, FREE posters ( just like the ones below) are available for you to post at your school. Send lisa at theiae dot com your name, school name and school mailing address and the quantity of posters you want and we will mail them to you.


Poster design by Sam Kirk, iamsamkirk.com

Please help us by spreading the word and encouraging folks to apply and join us! It’s time for creativity to be highly valued and to accomplish this more entrepreneurial mindsets must be built, more creativity must be transmitted across more sectors to help fuel more innovation– especially in places like Chicago! To transform artists into highly valued creative leaders requires more than a few short workshops to accomplish! Come join our herd! Learning is SO MUCH MORE FUN, and your chances of success SO MUCH HIGHER, when shared with other like minded individuals.

Lisa Canning, founder of The Institute for Arts Entrepreneurship

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21st Century Artists Fuel Change

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