2021 Website Blog: How to Pick an Awesome Name

When it comes to digital marketing, there are plenty of approaches you can use to strengthen your online presence, from investing in SEO company to starting a blog. Maintaining a blog is one of the most effective marketing moves you can make, content-wise. A blog is a great platform for sharing your expertise and offering your readers some additional utility above and beyond your regular services. However, the first step is picking a name for your blog. A blog represents you and your business, and it’s crucial to pick a name that reflects who you are and what you offer. A catchy blog name might be just the thing that gets prospective clients to click on your site and take a look at your content.

What to Consider When Brainstorming

When it comes to finding the right name, it’s a good idea to ask yourself some vital questions first. Two of the most important questions are who your blog is for, and what it’s about.

Knowing your target audience is a must for digital marketing. Online marketing is all about targeting a specific population of people, and the same wisdom applies to your blog. You’re writing for a niche audience, and it pays to know what their interests are. Once you know who you’re writing for, you’ll be better prepared to create content that they find relevant and useful. The more useful you are, the easier it is to convert readers into happy, loyal customers.

As to the content of your blog, think about your approach to content marketing. If your focus is on offering greater utility, think about making how-to guides or tips for simple tasks viewers can do on their own. Alternatively, you may want to make more personal content, like video tours or introductions to your staff. Either approach is a great way to forge a connection with your audience and take the business-customer relationship a step further. Take a look at your overall marketing strategy and think about a name that matches what you’re offering your audience.

Tips and Tricks to Help Find the Right Name

Finding the perfect name can take a little work. The trick is finding some ideas to get the creative juices flowing to come up with a name that captures what your blog is all about. Give these tips a try to give yourself some ideas and find a catchy, informative name for your blog.

  1. Find a Blog Name Generator

    One of the easiest methods of finding a great blog name is through blog name generators. If you own services for tree pruning in Markham, there are a wide range of generators online that can help you find some fresh ideas for names. Enter the keywords for your blog, and the tool can find some unique combinations to work as a blog title. Many of these tools also allow you to check if there’s an available domain for a name you like, letting you know if someone else has registered the .com of that name. Think of a blog name generator as a way to give yourself more options (even some options you may not have thought of on your own).

  2. Use Your Name

    Using your own name for your blog is a simple solution, but it may work for you. It’s a great way to underline that the content is about you and what you offer to your audience. It’s particularly effective if your blog is a personal blog and your content consists mainly of sharing personal events and milestones. It does also work for businesses; you can include your business name in the blog name to make the connection between your blog and your business more clear.

    Using your own name can be even more effective if you already have a following on social media, or if you are an influencer. If your name is well-known or unique, it’s easier for returning customers and prospects to locate you and check out your content.

  3. Reach for a Thesaurus

    If you have some ideas for a name, but you’re not sure if they roll off the tongue well, a thesaurus might be able to help. If you intend to spice up your blog name with some keywords, using a synonym might make the name a little more catchy or qualify for an available domain. For example, if you want to include the word “tips,” synonyms like “buzz”, “hints”, or “pointers” might be exciting alternatives for a more commonly-used word.

    Alternatively, you can also thumb through a dictionary if you’re looking for more exciting keywords. You’re likely to find some new words that might pique your interest and give you a sudden flash of inspiration.

  4. Check Your Competitors’ Names

    Studying the competition is a common, but effective marketing tactic. In many cases, your competitors will use similar keywords to you, and you may be able to use those words yourself. Take the keyword “teeth whitening London” or “dentures Sarnia”, for example. If your business has to do with dentists or teeth, your competitors may give their blogs names like “DentalTips101” or “BasicTeethings.” Teeth is your main keyword, but you can mix it with other words to put your own stamp on the word and start building a recognizable brand.

  5. Try Alliteration

    Alliteration is a catchy and simple way of making an interesting name. The right combination of words can create a nice rhythm that grabs an audience. To name one example, a name like “Business Blogging Basics” is a simple, rhythmic way of getting your audience’s attention. The repeated sounds gives a name a fluidity that helps it stand out and stay in the minds of those who see it. You can also use this trick when making titles for blog posts to give your readers some eye-candy with each article you make.

    A good alternative to alliteration is assonance, where the vowel sounds are repeated quickly. A good example of an assonant title is “Backpacking Matt.” Here, the “a” vowels are repeated, giving the name a similar rhythm to an alliterative one.

Keep in mind, finding the right name is the first step to a successful blog. The rest is dependent on the content you create and the satisfaction you give your audience. A catchy name helps attract an audience, but your content gets them to stay. Start strong with a great blog name, and use that as a springboard to make quality content moving forward.

Louise shares a passion for creative writing, and enjoys being detail-oriented in her work. Working as an SEO specialist and copy editor has increased her ability to meet new challenges with an open mind. A degree in Industrial Technology (Major in Computer Technology) also made Louise “tech savvy,” and she prides herself on her ability to recognize the latest trends and technologies in the digital industry. She hopes to someday visit many of the best dessert places across the globe. She’s also a proud “parent” to five beautiful cats.

2021 Website Blog: How to Pick an Awesome Name

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