2012 Chicago Creative Expo is NOW!

Come meet me at the CCE in Chicago today or tomorrow!   Make sure to catch Meg Herman’s presentation  (Women’s Business Development Center)
 @ 1:30 Saturday March 24th ” Creating a Business for Your Creative Work“.  Meg has asked me to share the conversation with her.

I am looking forward to seeing you all there!

Lisa Canning 

March 23 & 24 at the Chicago Cultural Center

Arts organizations, creative businesses and independent artists are invited to this 2-day Resource Fair at the Chicago Cultural Center. Admission is free.

Attend 32 Workshops covering fundraising, space development, board development, and innovative marketing practices including gaming and collaboration. Meet 130+ top local and national resources and services. Participate in the 2012 Chicago Cultural Plan. Network with hundreds of other creatives. Relax at the Paczolt Insurance Oasis.

Friday, March 23 focuses on arts organizations and creative businesses. Saturday, March 24 focuses on the needs of individual creatives.


Highlights for 2012 include:

Chicago Cultural Plan: Participate in the development of the new Chicago Cultural Plan.

The Paczolt Insurance Oasis: Learn about specific insurance issues for organizations and individuals in one-on-ones and small groups. Data security to temporary event coverage to options for health insurance.

Cork’s Cafe: A delicious range of food and beverages to keep your creative juices flowing all day long.

City Treasurer’s Small Business Plan Competition

1 Hour Mentor with Howard Tullman, CEO of Tribeca Flashpoint Media Academy, and with Paul Natkin, Executive Director of the Chicago Music Commission and renowned music photojournalist.

32 Free Workshops: from Branding to Business Planning to Engaging your Audience.

Roundtable Discussions: Conversations on a variety of arts-related topics will be happening on both days in Preston Bradley Hall

2012 Creative Chicago Expo Workshops Schedule

Photo by Elena Bazini

Creative Chicago Expo free workshops take place at the Chicago Cultural Center, 78 E. Washington Street. Workshops on Friday, March 23, target organizations and established creative businesses, while those on Saturday, March 24, target individual creatives and start-ups.

All workshops will be audio recorded for future use. Workshops designated with (*) will be video-recorded by CAN TV or Clarion New Media.

Missed a workshop?  All workshops will be audio recorded and available on www.chicagoartistsresource.org.

Download the complete workshop schedule below. Also, check out the roundtable discussions, which are additional opportunities for Expo attendees to gain valuable information and talk about important issues.

|| FRIDAY, MARCH 23 ||          

10:30am – 11:30am

One-Hour Mentor: Howard Tullman – “Entrepreneurship in the Arts” 

Founder of Tribeca Flashpoint Media Arts Academy, social media expert and big picture thinker, Tullman will discuss what it takes to succeed in the arts business today and in the business of art, and how technology and social media can help you today and tomorrow.  Tullman is affiliated with Chicago High Tech Investors, Mayor Emanuel’s Council of Technology Advisors, Governor Quinn’s Illinois Innovation Council.  One Hour Mentor is sponsored by the City Treasurer’s Office.    Claudia Cassidy Theater

Simple Steps to Improving Your Video Content
Andrew Roddewig (Clarion New Media and Sixty Inches From Center)

Broadband internet and improved video hosting services enable every organization to reach an audience with video that tells a compelling story.  Even if tight budgets don’t allow for professional assistance, videos can be interesting, engaging and present your organization in a positive manner.   Roddewig gives some basic tips for improving your video content with a focus on affordability and using minimal staff resources.
4th Floor Conference Room 

Strategic Arts Marketing: Challenges, Solutions & Success
Philippe Ravanas (Columbia College), James Ginsburg (Cedille Records & The Chicago Classical Recording Foundation), John Szostek (Piccolo Theatre), and Business Volunteer for the Arts consultants Barbara Jurgens, (B. Jurgens Communications LLC) and Jennifer Harris (Clovis Inc.)
Organized by the Arts and Business Council of Chicago, this panel highlights case studies of organizations who have recently engaged in marketing plan projects through Business Volunteers for the Arts (BVA). Learn practical examples of what’s being implemented in the field rather than hearing what to do in theory.

1 Garland

Chicago’s Cultural Plan   
Julie Burros (Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events) and staff from Lord Cultural Resources

Chicago is creating a new Cultural Plan, the first since 1986. Learn about the process, prior successes, and how you can be involved. In addition to this workshop, Expo participants can explore the Cultural Plan all day in the interactive Cultural Plan Room at the Expo.
5 Washington

12:00pm – 1:00pm

Keys to Collaboration

Lara Goetsch (TimeLine Theatre Company), Stephanie Kulke (Kick Start Marketing Chicago)
How can you maximize publicity and marketing with limited resources? Dynamic industry leaders explore how collaborative marketing efforts can yield bigger audiences with no increase to the budget.  Learn key elements of a winning collaboration via case studies from Fugard Chicago 2010 and Evanston 150.
Claudia Cassidy Theater

Business Licensing Basics for the Creative Class
Betsy Gonzalez (Chicago Department of Business Affairs and Consumer Protection)

Understand the basics of business licensing that are especially relevant to creatives working in Chicago. Whether you are opening a gallery, running a storefront theater, or playing music as a street performer, this presentation will inform you of the city policies and regulations that apply and how to get the process started.
4th Floor Conference Room

Your Brand: Why Its Important

Elizabeth D. Richter (Arts Consulting Group, Inc.), Travis Rosenthal (Chicago Jazz Orchestra)

The idea that “It’s not about the brand, it’s about the work” can block nonprofits who see branding as too “commercial” for mission driven organizations. Richter refutes the myths about branding that often hinder nonprofit organizations from developing effective messaging, and outlines the elements of a brand platform and the steps to develop one.

1 Garland

Arts in Sacred Spaces: New Dollars + New Partners for Your Organization

Bob Jaeger (Partners for Sacred Places), Gianfranco Grande, (Partners for Sacred Places), Emily Gigerich (Partners for Sacred Places), Rev. Dr. Barbara Cathey (Edgewater Presbyterian Church)
This ‘how-to’ for artists and arts organizations interested in space-sharing with sacred space will include case studies of local churches that highlight the potential for partnerships. Our panel discussion will include a presentation of our research on existing partnership and needs, how space-sharing can improve your bottom line and community partnerships, and an opportunity to ask questions and learn how AiSP can help your organization.
5 Garland 

1:30pm – 2:30pm

Build Your Board
Sylvia Alston | Reading In Motion, Write2Win Communications, Shawn Haynes |Barrel of Monkeys, Travis Life | Remy Bumppo Theatre, Life Law Offices, Rena Henderson Mason| The Comfort Cake Company
Your board is critical to the sustainability of your organization. How do you decide who to approach, how to approach them and why? This workshop shares some of the best practices when deciding to build a board that works best for your goals.  Organized by the Arts and Business Council of Chicago.

Claudia Cassidy Theater 

Go See Do: Engaging and Building Audiences Through the Web
Chris Elam (Misnomer Dance Theater, GoSeeDo)

GoSeeDo is a social and creative service that enables artists and arts organizations across genres to engage their fans directly in the booking process. Going far beyond information management, GoSeeDo guides how to design and host a range of engagement events (both online and in person) all of which are tailored for specific audiences and fans. In this workshop session you’ll receive a guided tour, and learn about the take-home techniques behind GoSeeDo, including its engagement templates; tips for hosting events; and guides for developing your own engagement strategy.
4th Floor Conference Room

Bricks + Mortar: SBIF + TIF for the Arts
Derek Wolvoord (Somercor)

Whether your organization owns or rents its space, if you are located within specific districts in Chicago, you may be eligible to use local Tax Increment Financing (TIF) and Small Business Improvement Fund (SBIF) revenues to repair or remodel your facilities—both inside and out. Learn about these programs targetting small business properties in selected Chicago neighborhoods.
1 Garland

What’s Your Story? Telling Stories To Diverse Audiences

Diana Pando (Community Media Workshop)

Whether you are trying to secure media coverage, build new audiences or secure funding it’s vital that you tell a compelling story that connects people to the work you are doing and moves them to action. At this storytelling workshop, you will learn basic story elements to help you craft your stories and set you apart from the rest so that you can connect with diverse audiences.

5th Floor Garland Room 

3:00pm – 4:00pm

Funding Your Growth, Growing Your Funding

Deepa Gupta (John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation),  Marcia Festen (Arts Work Fund),  Ra Joy (Arts Alliance of Illinois), Gail Kalver (River North Dance Chicago),  Marcia Lazar (Executive Service Corps of Chicago) 

If you’re like just about every other leader of a Chicago arts organization, you know how hard it is these days to invest in yourself and your organization’s sustainability. When you’re struggling to keep the lights on, it can seem impossible to think even six months down the road, but there are a number of creative ways in which you can secure the financial and technical resources necessary for sustaining your mission and programming, even in today’s economy. Join philanthropic, advocacy and nonprofit leaders who will talk about their individual efforts to build a stronger arts and culture sector. Gain new ideas and examples for creatively addressing challenges, as well as a better understanding of how to build a stronger organization that supports and maintains artistic product and audience.
Claudia Cassidy Theater

Play to Win

Bryn McCoy (technofisch design studio
This workshop explores how to take the momentum of social media in communication to the next level—via gaming. Games and social media provide an unprecedented opportunity to engage people. In the most well-designed productions, gaming provides a sensation of being fully alive, focused, engaged in every moment. As the game industry has exploded into an empire, leading theorists are examining the exciting, inspiring nature of games and concluding that herein we have tremendous opportunity to make massive change a reality.

4th Floor Conference Room

Excel at Growth: Turning Data into Donations
Timothy Sarrantonio (Z2 Systems and board member of The Neo-Futurists and Reading With Pictures)

Arts and culture nonprofits and individuals provide important creative services throughout the Chicagoland area, yet sometimes struggle with both data collection and turning that information into long term stewardship. This workshop will detail strategies to turn even the most simple Excel spreadsheet into a tool for sustainability, while offering concrete options for more advanced database solutions that touch on both marketing and fundraising.

1 Garland

Productivity Without Personnel: New Ideas in Management for the Performing Arts

Michelle Kranicke (Fly Space), Ben Fuchsen (Oracle Theater), Angela Luem (Help Desk/Chicago)
This workshop addresses the lack of management and administrative help among small and mid-sized performing arts companies by sharing the innovative initiatives of local organizations working to offer new ideas and sustainable options to fulfill a company’s administrative needs in an individualized manner. 
5 Washington

|| SATURDAY, MARCH 24 ||   

10:30am – 11:30am

One-Hour Mentor: Paul Natkin

Paul Natkin (music photojournalist, manager, and advocate)
Paul Natkin has spent his career working with the top of the line in the entertainment business.  With clients ranging from Oprah Winfrey to the Rolling Stones, and as founding member of the Chicago Music Commission, Natkin’s expertise covers valuable territory for musicians, photographers and anyone wishing to succeed in the entertainment business from a Chicago base.  
Claudia Cassidy Theater 

Protect Your Brand in Cyberspace
Patrice N. Perkins (Lifestyle Zen, LLC)

Most creatives use the Internet to showcase their work, but they also need to protect their work and brand online. Learn concrete steps to take if someone infringes on your ownership rights. Perkins will cover protections (or lack thereof) of the different social media sites using real life examples.  
 4th Floor Conference Room 

Maximize the Potential of Your Website and Social Networks
Brad Lichtenstein (Creative Capital)
Is your online presence serving you to its full potential? This workshop will address how to maximize your online visibility and cultivate return audiences using both your website and social networking platforms. Examples and practical tips will increasing site traffic and generating revenue by focusing on ways to make your online presence more interactive and dynamic. Lichtenstein is an award-winning filmmaker, president of 371 Productions, Creative Capital grantee artist and a part of the leadership team for Creative Capital’s Internet for Artists weekend workshop.   
1 Garland

Chicago’s Cultural Plan    

Julie Burros (Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events), staff See description above.
5 Washington

12:00pm – 1:00pm

Artist Live/Work: New Projects, New Zoning 

Artists live/work spaces are needed city-wide. Learn about new developments in the works, and new live/work zoning that’s been proposed. Hear from reps from Dorchester Artist Housing, Bronzeville Artists Lofts, Bridgeport Art Center, and The Community Builders.
 joined by Alderman Joe Moreno, and Melissa Stanley (Art House Realty).
Claudia Cassidy Theater

Build a Strong Online Presence

Jennifer Rapp Peterson (IndieMade)

Ever wonder how to create a website? Or what to put on your website? This session discusses learning about your audience, creating a brand, and supporting all of it with the right content and social media communication.  

4th Floor Conference Room

Writing a Winning Business Plan: A Roadmap To Success

Donna Rockin (City Treasurer’s Office & Duman Entrepreneurship Center)

Learn the components of a business plan, how to get started and where to find further resources to complete and implement your plans.
1 Garland

From Hyperlocal to Virtual: Connecting Art and Community

Cara Huffman (I AM Logan Square), Patricia Larkin Green (OpenWall), Stephanie Pereira (Kickstarter), Tristan Hummel (Chicago Loop Alliance) and Paul Klein (Klein Artist Works)

For artists who are looking to utilize new models and resources to broaden their public engagement and reinforce their network, both online and in person. Hear from arts industry professionals about how these opportunities can lead to a stronger practice and career for an artist.
5th Floor Garland Room

1:30pm – 2:30pm

Fundraising with Fiscal Sponsorship + Crowdfunding 

Dianne Debicella (Fractured Atlas)

Any individual or organization looking to fundraise will learn the benefits and use of Fractured Atlas’s fiscal sponsorship program as a fundraising tool. The session will include an overview of fiscal sponsorship, how to apply, how to use the tools within the program, and an introduction to fundraising, as well as the benefits and tools of crowdfunding sites, such as IndieGoGo, Kickstarter, and RocketHub.

Claudia Cassidy Theater

Setting Up An Online Store Using WordPress
Edmund Dante Hamilton (Chicago WordPress Meetup Group)

Taking orders online is key, whether selling tickets, widgets or memberships. This program addresses how to setup a WordPress website or blog and then enable it to take orders online. It address setting up secure sockets layer (SSL) certificates, proper web hosting, and requirements from PayPal for checkout and payment processing.
4th Floor Conference Room

Impossible Thinking: Managing Big Dreams in Lean Times

John Rich (Chicago Writers House)
This is a workshop for small organizations and individuals dreaming up big projects and interested in development models that don’t shrink potential. Starting with the work of the newly formed Chicago Writers House and the Chicago Book Expo as case studies, participants will generate a personal framework for cooperative action, robust programming, crowdsourcing, and more.

1 Garland 

Creating a Business for Your Creative Work
Meg Herman (Women’s Business Development Center)
This workshop will help you begin working on your business to help you increase revenues and stay profitable for the long haul. We will address issues in setting up your business legally, working on the business vision, identifying your best clients and reaching them and how to organize financially so you know where you stand and where you are going.
5 Washington

3:00pm – 4:00pm

How to Succeed in the Art World
Paul Klein (Klein Artist Works)
A jam-packed, highly informative overview of how all visual artists can succeed in the art world on their terms. This presentation hits the high points about how the art world functions, what an artist must do to navigate it and proven strategies that have worked for numerous other artists.
Claudia Cassidy Theater

Intellectual Property: The Only Free Lunch in Town

Kathleen M. Witt (Valauskas Corder, LLC)  
Valuable information on legal topics regarding contracts and intellectual property issues such as copyrights, person rights, trademarks, licenses, and patents. Such information is particularily relevant to creative people and creative institutions.
4th Floor Conference Room

Self-Promotion for Performing Artists 

Peter McDowell and Mia Park (Peter McDowell Consulting)
A fun, fast-paced workshop on the basics of self-promotion for performing artists and arts organizations—from press releases, websites, and marketing materials to social media and networking
1 Garland

How to Price Your Work

Jane Hamill (Jane Hamill Consulting and Fashion Brain Academy)

How do you determine what to charge for your work? This workshop will cover the simple five-step process for pricing any work, how to have the confidence to look someone in the eye and name the price, the one thing every creative person needs to know before they start selling anything. Whether it’s a  painting, a piece of sculpture or a garment, knowing what to charge and the ability to ask for the sale can make the difference between making a living and going broke

5 Washington

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