10 Ways to Find Freelance Translation Jobs in Marketing

Since marketing is a flexible field, it needs people with a specific educational background that can offer something out of the ordinary. Finding a translation job in marketing may sound like a challenging task, yet it is not as hard if these ten measures are taken:

  • Reaching for your next orders, take time to polish your skills and explore the web, so you can learn about the best translation company standards, and follow them in your freelance services. As a freelancer, you must show why you are the right choice.
  • Technical translation. This kind of work requires a specific marketing degree. If you have an academic background in business management or HR field, you are eligible for technical translation jobs since you can provide an accurate translation of specific terms.
  • You can offer video translation services as a freelancer. It includes both Youtubers and large marketing negotiation companies. Check this online transcription service to get an idea of how such services are offered and why freelance work is in high demand.
  • Create an essential website that acts as your resume in addition to placing your Ads online. It will make you stand out, especially if you provide the list of services in more than one language.
  • Look out for various jobs online for freelancers. As an example, check this useful source, accept orders so that you can create an excellent reputation for your services and personality.
  • Study different marketing trends, so you can add them to your list of services and stay up-to-date.
  • Participate in various websites and mobile apps localization processes by searching for such jobs online or by contacting professional translation agencies that may need additional help.
  • Avoid missing the deadlines and take care of your availability. Share your contact information and stay polite when missing the call.
  • Offer something unique like the addition of a poem or a visual presentation for your clients to make your cooperation memorable. It will help people remember you.
  • Most importantly – earn various language and business marketing certifications to earn a legal right to translate various agreements or official documents.

How to Present My Skills as a Newcomer

We all start somewhere, so remember that your certification and ability to meet the deadlines will speak more than the years of experience of others. Only your excellent work creates a translator’s reputation. Simply take from the best marketing translation service examples and learn to meet the expectations of potential clients.


Revealing business management and marketing tips through the lens of technology, Mark makes complex things simpler. If you plan to expand your business internationally or learn more about freelance work, Mark offers all the latest. Follow him to learn and become inspired!

10 Ways to Find Freelance Translation Jobs in Marketing

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