10 Ways to Change the World or How to Grow a Culture of Change

God knows our world, on so many levels, needs to change.

We know it too.

But change does not happen by itself.  Our faith is not enough.

It is people who make change happen. It is people who have to get along well enough to respect differences and trust each other enough to step outside our comfort zones, to act on new thoughts, to experiment and to experience new ways of being and doing.

Birthing new ideas, where the odds favor failure, is a hard thing for you and me and society, writ large, to endure. Developing a culture that organically fuels change is required first to support the process of change itself. To produce this fuel we need to fill our petri dishes with the proper cultural cells, in the appropriate combination, for a “culture of change” to germinate and naturally grow; reproducing itself over and over again.

So what is the right combination of cultural cells we need in our petri dish?

#10 Be fully present today with every person you meet and make it a point to be real and have a meaningful exchange.

#9 Reflect on how often your actions and words consistently match. Trust is organic and will also grow and spread. As it does, your credibility, self esteem and confidence you need for change to happen will too.

#8 The narrow confines of professional or personal silos produce a sense of helplessness.  Seek to include interdisciplinarity through support systems and educational resources into your direct path to continuously influence and inform your point of view.

#7 Get rid of all your dead weight figuratively and literally. Let go of bad relationships, get your finances under control, improve your eating and health. Changing the world requires the mindset and strength of an athlete.

#6 Pay it forward. Pay a strangers toll on the expressway, buy a friend a cup of coffee, or offer help to someone you know needs it. Give of yourself today in an unexpected way.

#5  Dust off your dream box, open it and let your dreams come out into the sunshine. Recommit to exploring what ignites you and inspires you and do something to explore how to make those visions in your head become more real.

#4 Trust your gut. When your intuition speaks, listen. Follow it and express its intent to those who it can change, help or protect.

#3 Communicate more. Build shared language. Find common ground. Agree to disagree. Allow your contrasting points of view, or differences in capacity or ability to stand side by side instead of over someone else.

#2 Be trainable. Decide you can realize you were wrong or have something to learn. Open your heart and mind today and be more permeable, more touchable, more changeable.

#1 Do something! Talk is cheap. Focus on one idea and bootstrap it into reality. Bootstrap not out of necessity but for the organic results it produces. When ideas are seeded through conversation, participation, and collaborative engagement the petri dish begins to overflow. Ladies and gentlemen Changing the World IS both an art and an entrepreneurial act. It should come as no surprise to all of you, why entrepreneurial and creative skill building is now being so heavily focused on as essential in education, economic development and for world peace too.

We so desperately need real tangible solutions to complex problems but to tackle and truly solve more of them we need people who live and breath a culture that promotes change in order to do so.

About Lisa Canning

Lisa Canning is the founder of The Institute for Arts Entrepreneurship and  Entrepreneur the Arts.


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10 Ways to Change the World or How to Grow a Culture of Change

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